Yajurveda PDF in Hindi

Yajurveda pdf in Hindi and English: यजुर्वेद Yajurveda is a sacred scripture which is associated with Hinduism. The word “YajurVeda” is made up of two Sanskrit words one is “Yajush” which means “Worship of God” and “Sacrifice” and the second word “Veda” means “Knowledge”. 

YajurVeda holds second position in the list of four vedas and these four vedas are arranged in the order of formation. The Upveda of Yajurveda is “Dhanurveda” and knower of Yajurveda is called “Adhurya”

Yajurveda pdf in Hindi

YajurVeda consists of mantras and verses which are used in worship and rituals in Hinduism and these verses are in Sanskrit language.

As of now the composer or writer of these Vedas is not clear, though there is a great understanding that Vedas were not written by any person but vedas were formed by a collection of Hymns and Verses. This is the reason Vedas are known to be “Apurushey” , which means any person is not involved in its writing or composition. 

Secondly some philosophers believe that vedas are given by gods. 

History of YajurVeda

Yajurveda is believed to have been composed between 1200 to 900 BCE but this data is only based on prediction and evidence; there is not any clear-cut mention of the period of composition of YajurVeda. 

Some facts and information

In Yajurveda, there are 40 chapters which are known as Adhyay (अध्याय) and these Adhyay/chapters hold 1975 verses in Sanskrit language. 

In Yajurveda there is detail of Aryanyak, Samhitas and Brahmanas as recensions.

The YajurVeda is divided into two parts, One is White or Pure and this part is known as Shukla while the Second one is Black or Dark, which is known as Krishna. There is definitely some significance of each part which is discussed below. 

The White part of YajurVeda is about rituals, deities, prayers and special instructions for devotional sacrifices whereas The Dark part of YajurVeda is about sacrificial rituals and their significances. 

The White Part(Shukla) has important verses for the following :–


The Dark part(Krishna) has rituals and verses for the following:–

  • Taittriya
  • Maitrayini
  • Kath
  • Kapishthal


Note:- Taittriya Samhita of Krishna Shakha/Part is also known as Aapstamb Samhita.

Only Five branches of Krishna Shakha/ part are available out of 101 branches which were written by Maharishi Patanjali years ago. 

In the Yajurveda the political, social and religious influence in the Uttar Vedic period is mentioned, on this basis it can be said that Yajurveda was progressing from one person to another verbally but not in written form. 

Since it was the time of Vedic Era, Aryans were in limelight at that time, due to this reason YajurVeda also mentions about Aryans, about their settlements, means of lifestyle etc. 

Other Important Information Of YajurVeda 

Yajurveda is mainly in the form of Prose while some fraction is in the poetry form of which Verses were firstly available in RigVeda means Verses in Poetry form of Yajurveda are derived from RigVeda. There are very few independent verses in the form of poetry. In Yajurveda mainly focus on rituals, devotion and ways to worship Gods and Goddesses thus it can be concluded that during Vedic Period there was prevalence of worshiping of Gods and Goddesses. 



Three vedas were initially and purely in Sanskrit and due to the Introduction of Western Education the importance of Sanskrit fell down but now the translated versions of Yajurveda are available in which one can  understand the whole Scripture. 

yajurveda in hindi
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