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Vidur neeti pdf download:  Generally when we think about to learn some tips and techniques to success in their life and career one of the first and foremost name came in our mind is Chankya niti but before many years age there are one of the famous philosopher Vidura who was also the one of the main character of Mahabharat. Vidur was a maid’s son and held the position of maha mantri or prime minister of Hastinapur rajya.  

He always takes stand for truth whether it is against the king of empire and that’s why he is also called as Dharmaraja. 

vidur neeti pdf

Vidur made policies for the progress and expansion of Hastinapur empire and discussed it with the King Dhritarashtra and these policies are known as Vidur niti. 

In this article we will share with you some of the policies of Vidura niti that will be very important in their profession and personal life. 

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The first rule is to always think about good things. We all know if we always think about good things then it will help in your progress and the universe will help you to accomplish it but if you think about bad parts of your life it will adversely impact your life or in nutshell we can say we attract those things that we thought throughout the day. Watch, listen and think about the things that you want to achieve in your life. 

This is also known as the Law of attractions that are mentioned in various books. 

According to you what will be the definition of wise man- a person who possesses enormous knowledge but according to vidur neeti a wise man is a person who speaks less but listens more. If you observe the journey of successful people then you will find these habits rather than focusing on speaking. They try to observe and learn from everybody. 

The next policy is to make a company of good people means if you surround yourself with bad people or friends then you will also be considered like them and you will find yourself in trouble many times. So, according to Vidur niti it is best to keep aways from the company of bad people otherwise you will be liable to get the same punishment for the crime that is committed by your friends.  

Always begins new work after gaining some knowledge and skill. Let’s understand this policy with our real life. We usually start a new business after seeing their friends or colleagues succeed but most of us fail because they don’t have much knowledge about it and start only by seeing other successes.  So, to achieve success it is the best practice to first learn from the people who have knowledge and experience in that field. 

To be successful in life, leave these habits as early as you can- Sleeplessness, fear, anger, laziness and late or delay in work habits. We all want to be rich and successful but we all are trapped with our bad habits that resist getting or achieve our goal. With the habits of delay or lateness you can miss various opportunities in your life. 

Do not trust blindly on others or we can also say not depend on them totally whether he is trustworthy or not because when they refuse you to help they will feel completely alone and helpless.

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