UPSC omr sheet pdf: Union Public Service Commission is known as UPSC in short. UPSC conducts exams for the recruitment of high class government officials. This exam is considered to be one of toughest exams. UPSC conducts its exams offline through pen and paper mode. UPSC conducts various exams nationwide like UPSC NDA, UPSC CSE(For IAS, IPS, IRS and IFS), UPSC CDS etc. 

UPSC is known for its  punctuality because the cycle of releasing advertisement notifications, conducting of exams and other processes are done from time to time.

upsc omr sheet pdf

Even they release the exam calendar, which helps aspirants to understand the schedule of upcoming exams and other procedures. UPSC is a constitutional body and Article 320 deals with the functioning of UPSC. 

Mode of Exam 

UPSC conducts its exams in offline mode on the OMR sheets. OMR sheets are released officially by the commission with Candidate’s details like Roll no, registration not mentioned on the OMR sheet. 

OMR sheet might be a new term for few readers. The OMR sheet is called Optical Mark Recognition in full form. It has circles or bubbles, in each circle there are characters (each circle/bubble has a single character), candidates need to mark or embolden the circle to specify that character or letter. The OMR sheet makes answer checking quicker and easier because OMR is recognised by machines which note down the entries filled by candidates. 

Content given on OMR sheet

  • The OMR sheet is the answer sheet of the candidate which is official and highly confidential. 
  • The OMR sheet contains Name of the candidate, Roll no, center details, Exam details like set no, exam serial no. 
  • These details are required to be filled in by candidates to which OMR belongs and after that candidates have to give their consent by signing the OMR, your OMR is checked by invigilators before the commencement of Exam. 
  • There are equal no of Answerable options given on the OMR sheet. Suppose in your question paper there are 100 questions, then your OMR will also have 100 entries of Answer with options you need to mark the answer as per instructions given on the OMR sheet. 

Guidelines to fill OMR sheet

Points to keep in mind while filling OMR sheet are as follows :-

  • Use ball point pen to embolden the circle
  • Before filling your OMR match the registration number mentioned on your OMR from your admit card(in case if they don’t match then immediately inform the invigilator, there may be some randomness in distribution there is nothing to worry about) 
  • Be very careful while filling it because once you commit a mistake it may result in termination 
  • Get your OMR signed by invigilator after filling basic details, if your OMR is left unsigned then commission will straight away dispose your OMR
  • Don’t fold your OMR
  • Make sure to completely fill or embolden the circle which you want to fill. 
  • Fill all details as given in your Admit card
  • Use of whiteners in OMR is prohibited
  • Don’t mark more than one option,  if you do so mistakenly your particular question will be given a ZERO mark. 
  • Keep the water bottle, sanitizer etc slightly apart from OMR so that OMR doesn’t get sprinkled with liquid. 
  • If you feel some doubt then please call an invigilator and they will assist you. 

If there will be any new update regarding the OMR filling invigilators will guide you completely. 

omr sheet upsc pdf

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