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Surah muzammil pdf: Surah Muzzammil or Al-Muzzammil is a holy text associated with Islam. This text is extracted portion of Quran which is sacred and holy scripture and text of Islam. Surah Muzzammil is taken from the 73rd chapter(Surah) of the Quran which contains 20 verses in it. These verses are known as ‘Ayat’ in the formal language of Islam. Surah Muzzammil houses 200 words and a total of 854 letters in it. 

By that time Surah Muzzammil has gone through various changes but now it is approximately stable. In the first 7 verses, the Messenger of Allah has been commanded to perform the duties of the great work which has been burdened upon you. You prepare yourself, and its practical form has been told that after getting up in the nights you should offer prayers at midnight or less, from verses 8 to 14 it has been instructed to the Prophet that Be cut off from the Lord who is the master of the whole world.

Surah muzammil pdf download

Rest assured by handing over all your affairs to him. Be patient with the things your opponents are making against you, don’t touch their face and leave the matter to God that he will deal with them.

After this, from verses 15 to 19, those people of Mecca who were opposing the Messenger of Allah, have been warned that We have sent a Messenger to you in the same way as we sent to Pharaoh.

Then see what was the result when Pharaoh did not listen to the Messenger of Allah. If you assume that no punishment has come upon you in the world, then how will you escape the punishment of kufr (denial) on the day of doom. These are the talks of the first volume.

In the second section, some relaxation was given in respect of the preliminary order regarding the prayer of Tahajjud (in addition to the obligatory prayers) was given at the beginning.

Now it was ordered that as far as Tahajjud prayer is concerned, it should be read as easily as possible, but the fundamental thing that Muslims should organize completely is the obligatory prayer of five times. Maintain with complete restriction, keep on performing the obligatory duty of giving Zakat (charity) exactly. And spend your wealth in the way of Allah with a pure heart.

Lastly, Muslims have been taught that the good deeds you do in the world will not perish, but you will get a great reward from Allah.


Actually the recitation of Surah Muzzammil is quite tough and lengthy in present scenario because in early period it was short enough which to recite it throughout or in the night easily but with the time Surah Muzzammil has gone through various evolution and changes which resulted in elongation due to which recitation becomes slightly problematic to recite whole night. 

Rules for reciting is to begin at night with a pleasing, steady and stable mind along with keeping the concentration on faith and wish. 

Surah Muzzammil is recited at night for better results, one can recite it by taking breaks like, reading some parts on the first night and other parts on further nights. In the early period this Surah was not so long thus it was easy to read at night and could be recited multiple times also.

For better choice and results it is recommended to recite it 41 times for three days. Another rule for its recitation is to fix a place at which one is comfortable to recite. 

Benefits of Surah Muzzammil reading

Surah Muzzammil is beneficial for all kinds of sacred and positive wishes and to eradicate all problems of life. Remember that this Surah should not be recited for any negative and means of harassment to others. 

surah muzammil in pdf

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