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Surah juma pdf download: Surah Jummah is a sacred text for the invocation of Allah which is associated with Islam. Surah Jumah has two words in which the first one means ”Verses and Prayer of God” and the second one “Jummah” means ‘Friday’. 

Since this prayer has the title ‘Jumah’ attached to it, thus it is considered to be most effective when recited on Fridays. It was because Friday is related to the day on which this Surah was composed. 

Surah juma pdf

Surah Jumah is 62nd Surah taken from the Holy Book Quran of Islam. This Suracontains 11 verses which are known as Ayats in the Islamic words. This Surah also contains 2 rukus. 

Verses in this Surah

Surah Jummah contains 11 verses or Ayats which are explained below:-

Verses 1 to 4 say that Muhammad Saheb has sent his wise, sharp and philanthropist apostle to the ground to help needy peoples and others too.
Verses 5 to 8 say that who oppose Islam are rebuked(Jews)
Verses 9 to 11 say significance of recitation of Surah Jummah on Fridays. 

Summary Of Surah Jummah 

  •  All the things, whether in the sky or on the ground, all praise Allah; One who is truly a king, is merciful, pak and is wise.
  • It is Allah who sends prophets from among the uneducated who would read his verses before them; And while cooking them, he would teach them the Book of Wisdom. Before that these people were openly misguided and sent more of them to them, who have not even met these Muslims; And he is Ghalib and wise. It is Allah’s Fazal, he grants to whomever He pleases, and Allah is the Master of the Greatest Fazal.
  • Those whom Allah has made worthy of the Taurat, then they did not even pay the right to receive it.
  •  Say, O Jew, if you claim that you are the friend of Allah and no one else; So if you are sincere, then you just wish for death. And these people will by no means want to do this because of the things they have done; And Allah is well aware of the evildoers. Say that the death from which you are running away will always come in front of you one day or the other. Then you will be returned to the known master of the hidden and the obvious; Then whatever you have been doing, he will tell you all.
  • O Momino, when the prayer is given on the day of Jummah, then you should look towards the mention of Allah; And do the logic of buying and selling (shopping) (stop it). If you understand this, then it is better in your favor. Then when the prayer is done, you spread on the ground and seek the blessings of Allah; And remember your Allah a lot so that you may be successful.
  •  And when they saw a deal or a spectacle taking place, they fled there; And O Prophet left you standing in your own self. Say that what is with Allah is far better than farce and bargain; And Allah is the best giver of risk.

Benefits of Recitation

  • Husbands and wives who spend their life like cat, and dogs should recite this Surah on Fridays to make their life happy and tasteful. 
  • People who have problems in speaking should try to recite this Surah on Fridays as he/she can, soon will get positive results. 
  • People who think jinxed themselves should recite this prayer every Friday
  • People who recite this prayer 11 times on every Friday get limitless and Sacred blessings from Allah which helps that person in conquering all the hurdles of life. 

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