Sundar kand PDF in Hindi

Sundar kand pdf in hindi free download: Sundar kand is a very important section/part/kand of ramcharitmanas that was originally composed by Valmiki in the Sanskrit language. 

In this article we will discuss the sundar kand, its benefits, the right way to read sunderkand paath and much more facts and information about sunder kand. 

Sundar kand pdf download

Before going ahead we will first understand the term sundar kand, sunderkand is one of the kanda among seven kand mentioned in the ramcharitmanas. 

Seven kandas are 

1) Bala Kanda
2) Ayodhya Kanda
3) Aranya Kanda
4) Kishkindha Kanda
5) Sundara Kanda
6) Yuddha Kanda
7) Uttara Kanda

Sundara kand are one of them which are very popular among the people.  This kanda basically covers the story about how Hanuman ji searches for Maa Sita and the way they demolish evil power. It includes doha, chaupai that are represented with the help of chand.

And ramcharitmanas describe the life and journey of Shri Ram but sundar kand is the only kand that is all about Lord Shri Ram Bhakt Hanuman. It covers the story of Hanuman ji’s victory over evil power and other kanda describe various phases of Lord Ram.  

Now the question arise in your mind why it name sundar kand, so the reason behind was Lanka was situated in the mid of three mountain also called as Trikuta mountains Subhel mountain, Neil mountain and Sundar mountain where Ashok vatika was situated and all the incident happen there like demolish devils, discover ma sita and get victory, so this kands called as sundara kanda. 

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Benefits of sundara kanda

It is very helpful to recite sunderkand if one’s facing various problems in their life and not able to find the right way.
If there are lots of problems that arise due to the effects of the planets Saturn and Mars, then it plays a vital role to reduce the problem.
It is also highly useful to overcome stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts.


hanuman ji ki aarti
Right way to Sundar kanda paath

  • People can recite sundarakanda daily but it is important to do sunderkand paath on tuesday and saturday especially in evening time. 
  • Place an earthen lamp/diya before lord hanuman and offer some sweets such as ladoo.
  • Before starting, first worship Lord Ram and then worship Hanuman ji and begin sundara kanda. 
  • At the end recite hanuman ji aarti to complete the pooja and pray for their wish.
  • Lastly, distribute prasad.

sundar kand pdf hindi

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