Sumita Arora C++ Class 11 PDF

Sumita arora c++ class 11 pdf: Sumita Arora is a popular textbook for learning computer science and programming, specifically using the Python programming language. It is commonly used in schools in India for teaching Python to students in Class 11 (11th grade). The book covers various concepts of computer science and programming, including data types, operators, control structures, functions, modules, and exception handling.

It also includes chapters on object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms. The book provides a good foundation for students who are new to programming, and helps them develop the skills needed to write efficient and effective programs in Python.

Sumita arora c++ class 11 pdf

Some other topics that may be covered in Sumita Arora’s Class 11 Python textbook include:

  1. Input and output in Python: reading and writing data from and to various sources, such as the keyboard, a file, or the internet.
  2. Strings: working with character data in Python, including string slicing, formatting, and manipulation.
  3. Lists: using lists to store and manipulate collections of data in Python, including operations such as sorting, searching, and adding and removing elements.
  4. Dictionaries: using dictionaries to store and retrieve data based on keys, including operations such as adding, deleting, and updating elements.
  5. Tuples: using tuples to store and manipulate immutable collections of data in Python.
  6. Sets: using sets to store and manipulate collections of data in Python, including set operations such as union, intersection, and difference.
  7. Files: reading and writing data to and from files in Python, including file modes and handling exceptions.
  8. Regular expressions: using regular expressions to search and manipulate text data in Python.
  9. Database programming: connecting to and interacting with databases from Python, including CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations.
  10. GUI programming: creating graphical user interfaces for Python programs using a library such as Tkinter.

About introduction to c++ by sumita arora class 11 pdf

Book Name Computer Science with Python Textbook for Class 11
Author Name sumita arora
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 574
Language English 

sumita arora c++ class 11 book pdf
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