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Sri suktam pdf download: Sri Suktam is composed of two words in which the word “Sri” refers to Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth and prosperity) and the last word “Suktam” means collection of hymns. 

“Sri Suktam” is also known as “Sri Sukta”. It is evident that Sri Suktam is extracted from Rigveda. Hymns of Sri Suktam are in Sanskrit language and are appendices to the RigVeda. Sri Suktam is one the five Suktam. 

Sri suktam pdf download

Sri Sukta describes Goddess Laxmi as glorious, royal ornamented, sitting on the lotus flower, shining as gold, radiant as fire, moon and sun. Goddess Laxmi is the symbol of treasure, wealth, prosperity, fertility and divinity. 

Elephant (Gaja) and Lotus (Flower) are found near Goddess Laxmi. The reason behind this is, the elephant and lotus are the transport and sitting place respectively for the Goddess Laxmi. 

Sri Sukta consists of Hymns which are used in worshiping Goddess Laxmi. There is also mention of importance and methods to worship Goddess Laxmi. 

How to Worship Goddess Laxmi 

There is hardly any person in the world who does not wish for happiness, prosperity and success by the grace of Lakshmi. King, rank, small and big all want Lakshmi to always reside in their house, and the person also tries to get wealth. In the Rigveda, to please Goddess Lakshmi, it is said that desired wishes will be fulfilled by reciting ‘Sri-Sukta’ and chanting of mantras and performing Havan with mantras. If someone recites Sri Sukta and chants mantras at this time on the new moon night on the day of Diwali, his wishes will be fulfilled.

According to Rigveda and sages it is said that worshipping and reciting the hymns given in Sri Sukta brings prosperity and treasure to one’s life, and will always be blessed by Goddess Laxmi. 

There are fifteen hymns in the Sri-Suktam, sixteen hymns with greatness are considered, because reciting any hymn without greatness does not yield results. According to Rigveda from the mantras of Shri Sukta given below, between 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock in the night of Diwali – 108 lotus flowers or 108 lotus seeds are immersed in cow’s ghee, in a yajna ignited with belpatra, palash and mangoes. By offering sacrifices and worshiping Lakshmi ji with devotion, a person does not become poor for seven births from the present to the coming.

One should start worship of goddess Laxmi on Friday or on special days in which Diwali is the most favourable day for worship of Goddess Laxmi.

Benefits of Sri Suktam

There are many valuable benefits of reciting the hymns of Sri Suktam and worshiping Goddess Laxmi. 

  • Your business related issues will be vanishes
  • Makes you financially stable
  • Prosperity in living and your lifestyle will become glorious. 
  • People who have lots of debts get relief from the loans. 
  • In other words we can say that Goddess Laxmi will always help you out in every situation. 

But remember, you need not to worship Goddess Laxmi if you are in the lust of gaining money and prosperity with a greedy mind because this won’t help you out. Always worship with a clean and stable mind without any greed and selfishness. 

sri suktam pdf

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