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Shiv puran pdf in hindi: Shiv Puran(शिव पुराण) is one the eighteen main purans of the Hindu mythology and is related to Shaiv Religion (Sub-Religion of Hinduism) deeply. Shiv Puran mainly talks about Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati who is wife of Lord Shiva, there is mention of other gods also. 

Shiv Puran gives details of the Universe, relationship between gods and their importance, devotion, religious places, morality etc in the form of chapters which is called Adhyay(अध्याय) in Hinduism.

Shiv puran pdf download

There are many chapters in this text but Vedanta Darshan is the most famous out of all other lessons. Advent of Shaivism (शैव वाद ) is also described in this book. 

Shiv Puran has 24000 verses in the seven samhitas (संहिता) giving the  explanation of devotion towards lord Shiv, his omnipresence, powers, essence, formation of nature and other mysterious facts. 

Benefits of Reading Shiv Puran

Going through religious books will always impart you with qualities of devotion and understanding. 

Shiv Puran also has various benefits like if a person devotes himself truly to Lord Shiva then he is blessed with awesome powers and Lord Shiva always helps him in troubles. 

Reading or listening to the lessons of Shiv Puran will make you feel better and your problems like matrimonial problems, family problems etc will vanish away completely.

Lord Shiva is the founder of this nature, it sounds quite interesting and superstitious that Lord Shiva created this nature just by his thinking and imagination. That’s why worshiping Lord Shiva will make you aware of all the truth and facts of life and nature which will help you in achieving your destination. 

When to read Shiv Puran

If you want to take greater advantage then it is recommended to read Shiv Puran in the month of Savan(सावन) on Mondays. Monday is the special day for Lord Shiva. There are 7 lessons in Shiv Puran so you can read one lesson on every Monday, thus the whole Shiv Puran will be completed in seven weeks.  

Rules of Reading Shiv Puran

Rules one should strictly follow before reading Shiv Puran are given below:-

  • Make your mind and body clean. 
  • Don’t consume any heavy food, it will be better not to eat any food before completion of Shiv Puran (Note:- If you are reading one chapter on every Mondays then you can avoid having food, after completing the chapter you can eat food) 
  • Strictly avoid non vegetarian food, wine, cigarettes etc. 
  • Before starting Shiv Puran, it is recommended to Worship Lord Ganesha who is the son of Lord Shiva. 
  • You can keep Belpatra (बेलपत्र), Datura (Datura) at the place of Lord Shiva picture because these are favorite to Lord Shiva
  • Split Gangajal and Cow’ milk at Lord Shiva’ picture or Shivling. 
  • Avoid wearing fancy dresses, stay formally dressed. 
  • Recite “OM NAMAH SHIVAY” i.e.,”ओम नमः शिवाय” before and after reading Shiv Puran, you can recite this verse as many times you want. 
  • You can also call a priest who will do all the work in a systematic and traditional way also he will narrate the lesson of Shiv Puran in detail but it is not compulsory to go for a priest you can do it on your own. 
  • Always remember to regret from Lord Shiva about your misbehavior, distraction and unforeseen mistakes committed by you during the worship or reading lesson. 

shiv puran pdf

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