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hanuman Sankat mochan pdf: Sankat Mochan Hanuman is a Hindu God and extreme devotee of Lord Rama. In vedas and epics Hanuman is defined as the one who has the power to burst the obstacles of any person.

He is the son of Rama as well as son of Pawan Deva (wind god). Hanumana has been one of the major role players in epic Ramayana specially and in Mahabharata too.

Sankat mochan pdf

In the religious texts Hanuman has been portrayed in the form of Vanara (monkey). Lord Hanuman has received numerous blessings and boons which were called as Siddhis (Supernatural Powers), which are mentioned below:-

  • Anima: Ability to reduce size 
  • Mahima: Ability to increase the rise
  • Garima: Ability to increase weight upto infinity
  • Laghima: Ability to reduce the weight infinitely 
  • Prapti: Ability to obtain anything
  • Prakamya: Ability to acquire any desirable thing
  • Isitva: Lordship over creation
  • Vasitva: Having control over things

Along with these powers Lord Hanuman has many other powers like immorality, traveling speed like speed of mind, one of the most favorite and closest devotee of Shri Ram, invincibility, everyoung etc. 

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Hanuman

Look, there is nothing like one has to worship only one god, but according to Epics and religious scripture it has been defined that every god has some immense powers which were used by gods to vanish the problems of their true devotees. 

Lord Hanuman is the incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu who is 7th avatar of Lord Ram, he is avatar of Lord Shiva. On this basis it is considered that worshiping Lord Hanuman is equivalent to worshiping Lord Shiva, Lord Rama and Lord Vishnu. Secondly, Lord Hanuman got knowledge of music and vedas from Goddess Laxmi and Lord Brahma respectively.

In this way worshiping Lord Hanuman is like worshiping the core God of Hinduism i.e.,  Brahma,  Vishnu and  Mahesh. 

In this way, it is evident that worshiping Lord Hanuman gives you determination towards your work because he helped Lord Rama to get Sita Mata back through various deadly and difficult hurdles. 

  • Lord Hanuman is described as Sankat Mochan Hanuman(संकट मोचन हनुमान)  which means one who can eradicate all the problems from one’s life. 
  • Lord Hanuman is everyuth which means that worshiping Hanuman will give you a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Lord Hanuman did many impossible tasks for Lord Rama with bravery, which means worshiping Lord Hanuman will impart you with bravery. 

Apart from this there are many more benefits of worshiping him that can only be experienced after worshiping him with true heart and without any greed or selfishness. 

How to Worship Lord Hanuman

There are certain strict rules that needs to be followed for true devotion

  1. Never eat non veg food, specially avoid on Tuesdays and Saturdays because these two days are deeply attached to Lord Hanuman
  2. Never make fun of anyone’s disability 
  3. Be faithful towards your master
  4. Bhagwa/ Bajrangi color is the favorite color of Lord Hanuman so it is recommended to keep the place of Lord Hanuman Bhagwa aur Bajrangi coloured. 

Ways to Worship Lord Hanuman

  • To worship Hanuman one should chant “Sri Ram” whenever he/she wants with a true and clean mind. 
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa, which will give you a very drastic change in you. 
  • Lord Hanuman was a deep heart devotee of Lord Ram, so Hanuman Ji never wanted anyone to worship him (Hanuman) first but worship Lord Rama first. 
  • Once Hanuman Ji was asked to prove his devotion towards Lord Ram and Sita ji, for that he tore his chest in which there were Lord Rama and Sita Ji. Thus it is believed that worshiping Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman together is like complete worship. 


This is all about Lord Hanuman in brief words, because explaining Lord Hanuman alone will not finish at all because he is omnipresent, immortal and dearest to all other gods. 

hanuman sankat mochan pdf
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