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sama veda pdf free download: Samaveda is among the scriptures of Hinduism which holds third place in the sequence of Vedas. SamaVeda comprises two words in which the word ‘Sama’ means ‘Song which can direct us towards God’ and the Second word ‘Veda’ means Knowledge. 

There are a total of 1875 verses in Samaveda and 144000 letters in it. 

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Upveda(उपवेद) of Samaveda is Gandharva Veda(गंधर्व वेद). Person who recites SamaVeda is known as Samag(सामग) 

Samaveda is believed to be composed between 1200 BCE to 1000 BCE but is not absolutely sure because it is based on prediction and evidence received. 

According to Shri Patanjali there are more than 1000 branches of Samaveda but only 13 branches out of 1000+ are accepted yet. 

Right now only three branches are available between us which are :-Kaumuthiya, Rananiya and Jaiminiya.

If we talk about branches of Samaveda which are Kauthumiya(कौमुथीय) , Ranayaniya(राणायनीय) and Jaiminiya(जैमिनीय).

Among these branches Kauthumiya branch is famous and it has 1875 verses and this branch is prevalent in the region of Gujrat. This article is also with reference to Kauthumiya Branch

The second branch is Ranayaniya in   which there are a total of 1810 verses and this branch is famous in the regions of Maharashtra while the Third Branch is Jaiminiya which has 1687 verses which is famous in Southern parts of India specially in Karnataka. 


NOTE:- As of now the composer or writer of these Vedas is not clear, though there is a great understanding that Vedas were not written by any person but vedas were formed by a collection of Hymns and Verses. This is the reason Vedas are known to be “Apurushey” , which means any person is not involved in its writing or composition. 

Secondly some philosophers believe that vedas are given by gods.

Explanation of Veda

According to SamaVeda, Collection of Hymns and Verses is known as Archika(आर्चिक). 

Samaveda is divided into two parts one is Poorvarchika (पूर्वार्चिक) and the second one is Uttararchika(उत्तरार्चिक). 

In Poorvarchika there are 650 verses and in Uttararchika there are 1225 verses which constitute a total of 1875 verses. 

In Samaveda there are 1504 verses which are straight away taken from Rigveda whereas 104versee out of 1875 are verses of Samaveda itself which are not taken from any other Veda or Scripture. 

Also there is repetition of Verses in Samaveda thus there are less than 1875 verses if repeated verse is counted once. 

There are a total of 6 chapters in Samaveda which are called Adhyay(अध्याय) as per Samaveda. Among 6 Chapters there are four chapters which are important and are discussed below in brief. 

  • Chapter 1: This is known as Agneya Kand and there are a total of 114 verses devoted to the God of Fire that is Lord Agni. 
  • Chapter 2: This is known as Ayendra Kand and this kand houses 352 verses for the god of rain called Lord Indra. 
  • Chapter 3: This kand is known as Pavmaan /Paavbhan kand in which there are 119 verses that are devoted to the lord of the Forest called Soma Devta. 
  • Chapter 4:This kand is known as Aranya Kand in which there are a total of 55 verses which are devoted to Lord Indra, Lord Agni and God of Forest. 


The sacred and highly respected Word of Hinduism “????” “ओम” is also given in Samaveda and this word is taken from here. 

Recitation of Samaveda

Samaveda is recited at public places particularly in Villages, in Forests, Sacred places like temples and at other sacred functions. 


Note:- There are 450 verses or hymns in Samaveda which can not be recited in singing or in the form of poetry. 

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