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sai satcharitra english pdf: Sri Sai Satcharitra is a text which houses 51 chapters which are directed towards invocation and devotion of Lord Sai. Lord Sai was like a messenger of God and helped extensively to the needy peoples thus many people take inspiration from Sri Sai to help others. This inspiration can be achieved by reading Sri Sai Satcharitra. 

Sri Sai Satcharitra is housed with nature and altruism of Sri Sai and devotional feelings of Sri Sai towards their devotees and others as well. 

sai satcharitra english pdf

Sri Sai Satcharitra book is penned by Sri Govind Raghunath Ji whose main and prevalent version is in Marathi language but with the time its other versions in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Sindhi, Bengali, Odia, Nepali, Punjabi etc. 

Penner of Sri Sai Satcharitra was very much inspired by the philanthropic nature of Sri Sai which made him pen a book so that people can get inspiration and ideas of altruism from the biography of Sri Sai. 

Sri Govind Raghunath Ji has compiled nearly 9450 verses in description and invocation of Sri Sai.

About Sri Sai Satcharitra

Sri Sai was an altruistic natured religious person with an ambition of helping others with whatever resources he had. Sai Baba was revered by both Hindu and Muslims not only these two religions, others also revered Sri Sai. 

Sri Sai was born in 1838 but birth month is not known. He died on 15 October 1918. 

Sri Sai was known with other names like Sai Baba, Sirdi Wale Baba, Sai Ram, Sai Baba of Sirdi, Sirdi, Maula(Usually by Muslim Devotees). 

Sai Baba spent his life helping others from various problems and hurdles. 

Sai Baba worked for the welfare of the peoples and maintained unity among  the peoples, he also showed the path of truth and wisdom to many peoples. 

Sai Baba had shown many great miracles like eliminating deadly and incurable diseases, protecting people from famines. Many people believed but also saw him in the form of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama avatar. 

His usual resting place where Sri Sai used to spend time was Shirdi where Samadhi Temple is presently located. He died in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. He died with the process of Samadhi. That’s why Funeral of Sri Sai was not done. 

Because Death place of Sri Sai was Maharashtra that’s why the biggest Sai Temple was built named Sri Sai Janmasthan Mandir, Pathri Maharashtra. 

Rules for handling and Keeping the Sai Satcharitra 

There are certain rules which are mutually considered behind the holding and keeping of Sai Satcharitra. 

  • Sri Sai Satcharitra should never be kept uncovered, it should be covered with red or yellow cloth if kept idle. 
  • This book should always be kept in front of a picture of Sri Sai, remember to keep the book on a stand or clean cloth. Shouldn’t be kept directly touching the floor. 

Recitation of Sri Sai Satcharitra 

Sri Sai Satcharitra recitation rituals are mentioned below:-

  • There are not certain rules and customs to recite this book but mutually it is understood to read this book with presence of mind and with devotion. These are good manners. 
  • One can recite the chapters of Sri Satcharitra flexibly but it should be recited with full dedication and with truism in mind. 
  • Always be prepared after taking a proper bath and put on some formal clean clothes before reciting Sri Satcharitra. 
  • People who are facing any kind of problems in their ongoing life will be eradicated after reciting Sri Satcharitra with true and dedicated mind. If someone does not have any kind of problem in their life still he/she should recite so as to get blessings from Sri Sai. 


sai satcharitra pdf

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