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Rig veda pdf: Vedas are the religious sacred texts which are associated with Hindu religion in which there are lots of rules, information in the form of scripts. There are a total of four vedas in Hindu Mythology in which Rigveda is one of  the oldest vedas which existed on Earth. 

RigVeda is believed to have existed since the second Millennium in which the language used in this text is Vedic Sanskrit. In RigVeda there are 10 chapters which are known as Mandal with reference to this Veda. Rig Veda is housed with more than 10550 verses or mantras in Sanskrit Language and each mantra has some specific and valuable information and knowledge.

The Upveda of Rigveda is Ayurveda and its knower is called Prajapati (Knower of Ayurveda) while knower of Rigveda is called Hotri (होतृ). 

Rig veda pdf

Besides this Rigveda comprises Upanishads, Aryanyak, Brahman Granth and Samhitas in which each has some meaning. 

  • Upanishads in RigVeda were in vogue during the ancients times as claimed by many philosophers. Because Upanishads means to achieve or receive knowledge sitting in front of teachers. 
  • Aryanyak in Rigveda are described to be composed in Forest. 
  • Brahmanas are composed of commentaries on hymns

History Of Rigveda

History of Rigveda is not clear about its birth but it is evident that Vedic Period which is from 1500 BC to 600 BC had a relation in between Rigveda. On this basis some philosophers predict that Rig Veda is composed between 1500 BC to 1000 BC. Still there is contradiction in facts, it is because Vedas are considered not to be written by humans that is why they are called Apurushey (अपुरुषेय). 

Sections/Chapters in Rigveda

There are a total of 10 chapters in Rigveda which are called Mandals in the language of Rigveda. 

Importance and details about Mandals are given below one by one. 

Mandala 1:– Mandal 1 talks about the gods, especially about Agni Dev(God of Fire) and Indra Dev(God of Rain). There are a total of 191 hymns in this Mandal talking about Gods. It has the highest number of Hymns that is why it is the largest of all Mandals. 

Mandal 2:–  In this Mandal there are only 43 hymns thus it is known as the shortest Mandal of Rigveda. 

Mandal 3:– Mandal 3 contains 62 hymns. It is well known because the famous Gayatri Mantra is from this Mandal. 

Mandal 4:– In this Mandal there are 58 hymns in which most of them are  attributed to the God Indra and Agni. 

Mandal 5:– Mandal 5 has 87 hymns here also most of the hymns are attributed to Indra and Agni but some are attributed to other gods too like Marut. 

Mandal 6:– Mandal 6 has 75 hymns in it.Here are descriptions about gods similar to that of fourth and fifth Mandals. 

Mandal 7:– Mandal 7 has 104 hymns attributed to Goddess Saraswati, God Indra, Vayu, Vishnu, Ushas and other gods. 

Mandal 8:– Mandal 8 is housed with 103 hymns here also there is information related to Gods that are provided, thus it is mixed aged. 

Mandal 9:– In this Mandal there is the description about Soma which is a drink extracted from plants. (Some sources mark Soma as the Sacred Form of wine). Here are 114 hymns talking about Soma. 

Mandal 10:– Mandal 10 comprises 191 hymns in which there are details about rituals, deities performed, marriage rituals, death rituals, worshipping of gods. Also there is Sukt(सूक्त) in this portion. 


It is proclaimed by many philosophers that Vedas are not written but these are compiled by someone. Also there is one more important information which is exhibited in Rigveda; that during the Pre Vedic Period the caste was decided on the basis of duty performed by one, but after Uttar Vedic Period Clan and Caste system was made to be based on Ancestry. 

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