Yajurveda PDF in Hindi

yajurveda pdf

Yajurveda pdf in Hindi and English: यजुर्वेद Yajurveda is a sacred scripture which is associated with Hinduism. The word “YajurVeda” is made up of two Sanskrit words one is “Yajush” which means “Worship of God” and “Sacrifice” and the second word “Veda” means “Knowledge”.  YajurVeda holds second position in the list of four vedas and … Read more

Rig veda PDF Download

rig veda pdf

Rig veda pdf: Vedas are the religious sacred texts which are associated with Hindu religion in which there are lots of rules, information in the form of scripts. There are a total of four vedas in Hindu Mythology in which Rigveda is one of  the oldest vedas which existed on Earth.  RigVeda is believed to have … Read more

Manusmriti PDF in Hindi Download

manusmriti pdf download

Manusmriti pdf in english: Manusmriti also known as manu of life that was originally written in the Sanskrit language and to simplify it there are various editions published that are translated in different languages Hindi, English, Tamil etc. There are various attempts made to make it simple for the general people. It is the one … Read more

Krishna The 7th Sense PDF By Debashis Chatterjee

krishna the 7th sense pdf  

krishna the 7th sense pdf: Debashis chatterjee came up with a new book Krishna. it’s Krishna the seventh sense it’s actually an interviewing of three stories one is life of Krishna as you know he’s an Iconic Indian god but more importantly he is an emblem of all that is creative beautiful glorious in our … Read more

Bhagavad Gita PDF Download

bhagavad gita pdf in hindi

Bhagavad gita pdf in hindi: Bhagavad gita also known as a gita or gitopanishad is the religious book whose author is Vyasa who had also written Mahabharat, one of the largest epics of the world. Bhagwat geeta is the part of the mahabharata that covers the dialogue between pandavas and arjun and much more.  Any … Read more

Mahabharat PDF Download

mahabharat pdf

Mahabharat pdf in hindi and english download: Mahabharat is one of the largest epics in hindu religion that was written in the ancient times by Vyasa. It narrates the story of war between pandavas and kauravas and various other aspects that can tell about the mahabharata times. Basically these religious or holy books give us … Read more

Ardas sahib PDF Download

ardas sahib pdf

Ardas sahib pdf: Ardas is a prayer practiced or sung by Sikhs in Gurudwaras while opening and closing as a daily ritual with traditional customs. Ardas is also sung when there are any functions like wedding ceremony, naming of child, welcome of bride etc.  Ardas is suffixed by the Word “Sahib”. It is because there is … Read more

Kautilya arthashastra PDF download

kautilya arthashastra pdf

kautilya arthashastra pdf download: Hey readers, in this article we are going to share with you the one of the well known books on arthashastra that is kautilya arthashastra. This book on arthashastra is one of the oldest books full of effective ways and techniques useful to run an economy. The methods used and mentioned … Read more

Aditya hridaya stotra PDF

aditya hridaya stotra pdf

Aditya Hridaya Stotra(आदित्य हृदय स्तोत्र) is a religious and devotional text derived from Yuddh Kand of Shri Valmiki Ramayana. Aditya Hridaya Stotra has six parts in which there are a total of 60 verses (श्लोक) which are devoted for the worship of Lord Surya. In Hinduism Lord Surya is portrayed as the god whose blessing on anyone … Read more

Shri Sai Satcharitra PDF

sai satcharitra english pdf

sai satcharitra english pdf: Sri Sai Satcharitra is a text which houses 51 chapters which are directed towards invocation and devotion of Lord Sai. Lord Sai was like a messenger of God and helped extensively to the needy peoples thus many people take inspiration from Sri Sai to help others. This inspiration can be achieved … Read more