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Rehras sahib pdf english: Rehras Sahib is a holy prayer associated with Sikhism which is recited or sung in the evening. The idea behind reciting this prayer in the evening is to add holiness, will power and to efface negativity from the mind.  At the end of day, that is in the evening it is high time to recite Rahras Sahib. 

Rehras Sahib is the collective effort of five Sikh gurus which are Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Guru Amar Das Ji, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Ram Das Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji. In Rehras Sahib.

Rehras sahib pdf

The Bayntee Chaupai is famous and concerning because it is about self protection from hurdles and liberation of the soul. Bayntee Chaupai was included by Sikh Guru named Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 


Rehras Sahib is recited by most of the working class Sikhs at the end of their respective works and duties. Rehras Sahib can be recited in homes also but with certain rules and regulations. 

Sikh persons when they come to their homes after duty, they wash their feet and dress up formally. After this the whole family along with the main leader of the family recites this prayer(Bani). 

Recitation of Rehras Sahib provides positivity in works and duties. Also it motivates for the work with dedication for not only men but also for women and children also in their works and studies as well. 

Since, Rehras Sahib is a collective effort of five Sikh gurus which resulted in enlightenment of knowledge and dedication towards different aspects of life. 

Story Associated with Rehras Sahib

It was that time when Guru Angad Dev Ji was in selfless service of Guru Nanak Dev Ji at the bank of river Ravi in Kartarpur. Angad Dev Ji asked Guru Nanak  Dev Ji to bless him so that Guru Angad Dev Ji can meet and elaborate the divine people who are in the state of meditative mind without thoughts. 

Guru Nanak Dev Ji blessed Guru Angad Dev and asked him to close his eyes. As Guru Angad Ji closed his eyes he reached another dimension and place for exploring such people who are in Sunn Samadhi. 

One the way Guru Angad Dev Ji saw many people who were doing something irrelevant because some girls were eating flesh while some people’s heads were turned at a straight angle. 

Guru Angad Dev Ji moved further and saw some peoples were coming from heaven where God dwells. 

Guru Angad Dev Ji realized those are Sunn Samadh, Guru Angad Dev Ji ate some food along with them. 

After this Guru Angad Dev Ji wanted to confirm about Sunn Samadh, consequently Guru Angad Dev Ji asked them about Sunn Samadh. 

Those Sunn Samadh peoples asked Guru Angad Dev Ji to keep his ear on the body of any one person in those peoples. Guru Angad Dev Ji did so, there he heard the constant recitation of the name “Waheguru” being done from each and every part. 

Guru Angad Dev Ji understood and corroborated that these are Suddh Samadh and are close to “Waheguru”

After this, Guru Angad Dev Ji asked Sunn Samadh for such abnormal and indifferently acting peoples. Sunn Samadh replied that those abnormal peoples are getting paid for their bad behaviors and sinful acts which they had done in life when they were alive. 

There Guru Angad Dev Ji concluded that Sinful acts willingly performed by peoples are condemnable. And these people will be punished if they do not follow the path of philanthropy and truth. 

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