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Ravan sanhita pdf download: रावण संहिता Before discussing Ravan Samhita, let’s elaborate about Ravan first. Ravan was the king of an island named Lanka, currently known as SriLanka. Ravan is considered as the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva as per Hindu texts and scriptures. Ravan was one of the central characters in Ramayana, he was wiser and had lots of knowledge. 

Ravan Sanhita is an old scripture. It is asserted that Ravan was a great scholar and had lots of knowledge of scriptures. With that knowledge and experience he wrote many books in which Ravan Samhita is also there.

Ravan sanhita pdf

Ravan Samhita book was written by Ravan. Ravan was enriched with numerous powers and knowledge of shastras and siddhis which he explained in his book. 

There are a total of five parts in this book, each part is explained briefly one by one below. 

First Part

First part of Ravan Samhita explains about the origin of Ravan. It is given that a great war took place between evils and Lord Vishnu, in which evils took their feet back to Patalpuri because evils were defeated by Lord Vishnu. In Patalpuri, Sumali gave birth to Ravan. Later, the coronation of Ravan is also mentioned in this book. 

Lord Kuber leaving Lanka is evident in Ravan Sanhita. 

Misbehavior towards chaste women, curses given by those chaste women to Ravan is also inscribed in this book. 

There was Meghnath/ Indrajeet who was the son of Ravan, kidnapped Lord Indra (God of Rain) and Lord Brahma made Lord Indra free from Meghnath is also described in Ravan Samhita. There is mention of other incidents also that took place between Gods and Ravan. 

Second Part

In the second part of this book, there is the predestination of worship of Lord Shiva. There is mention of glories of 12 jyotirling of Shiva. This is because Ravan was the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva, he used to penance of Lord Shiva, consequently he received many blessings and boons from Lord Shiva. 

Third Part

Third part of Ravan Samhita is based on yogism (yog sadhana) like material meditation with different meditation stages explained. The process of enchantment, mrit sanjeevani and Indra jaal is described. Many other justified and beneficial verses and hymns are also given in this book through which a person can get rid of different diseases, various problems, powers to counter different situations is enriched in this book. 

There are verses through which one can predict his/her future, can control the other’s mind and body, can remove poverty from his life, even black magic is also detailed here. 

Fourth Part

In the fourth part of Ravan Samhita there is detail about justified and proven ayurvedic treatment (Aushadhi Vigyan) . Long life, cure for diseases, and immense powers can be achieved through the rules given in this book. 

Fifth Part

In the fifth part of this book, which is also the last part. Here information about Horoscope and Astrology knowledge through which time of death, time of different incidents can be identified. This part is slightly like Astrology (Jyotish Shastra). 



RAVAN SANHITA PDF gives details about Ravan which is not mentioned in any other books. Along with the details of Ravan there are numerous other beneficial, effective and great information which can be executed in our lives. 

ravan sanhita book in hindi pdf
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