Physical Education Class 11 Book PDF

Physical education class 11 book pdf: Physical education is a very important subject to build their health along with the study. Now it has become an integral part of our education system and physical education as a subject added in the class 11th and 12th curriculum.

In today’s era physical health is very important, most of the working people usually don’t have enough time to look upon their health. It results in various types of anxiety, stress, headache and various other common health problems.

Physical education class 11 book pdf

And later on they have to struggle with various health related problems. So to overcome this problem the board has integrated health and physical education programs in the curriculum. 

the objectives must include

  • physical development
  • cognitive development
  • social development
  • emotional development and
  • development of motor skills of the learner

Physical development

Physical development is a very important part of a child’s growth. Through article 31 on 1st May 2012 “The child’s right to play” it became an integral part of the curriculum. Now it is an integral part of the curriculum and every child has the right to play and in the long run it will greatly impact the health of the society overall. 

Cognitive development

Cognitive development is a crucial part of physical development that includes thinking ability, reasoning ability, processing, receiving, language learning and much more. It is very essential for the overall growth of the child. 

Social development

Physical activities also help in developing skills needed to be a part of society. Exercises and physical activities develop such skills that help in dealing with conflict, and various other social skills needed to survive in a society. 

Emotional development

It covers the managing and expressing of the feeling. Emotions include anger, fear, trust that trigger an individual emotion. It helps in controlling and managing these emotions. 

Development of motor skills

In physical development motor skill covers running, walking, stretching, bending, throwing and various other activities important for motor skill of the individual. 

health and physical education class 11 pdf Index

Chapter 1 Physical Education
Chapter 2 Understanding Health
Chapter 3 Physical and Physiological Aspects of Physical Education and Sports
Chapter 4 Individual Games
Chapter 5 Team Games
Chapter 6 Yoga and its Relevance in the Modern Times
Chapter 7 Safety and Security
Chapter 8 Health Related Physical Fitness
Chapter 9 Measurement and Evaluation
Chapter 10 Tournaments and Competitions
Chapter 11 Adventure Sports

About physical education class 11 book pdf

Title physical education class 11 book pdf 2021-22
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 289
Subject physical education
Language English and Hindi
Publication National Council of Education Research and Training & CBSE

health and physical education class 11 pdf
physical education class 11 book pdf
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