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Manusmriti pdf in english: Manusmriti also known as manu of life that was originally written in the Sanskrit language and to simplify it there are various editions published that are translated in different languages Hindi, English, Tamil etc.

There are various attempts made to make it simple for the general people. It is the one of the significant religious books for Hindus that is followed by all Hindus irrespective of their caste.

Manusmriti pdf in Hindi & English

It is believed that manusmriti is the word of Brahma, the supreme creator. 

It is also known as the Manava Dharmashastras.  

It is considered as the law book which served as the foundation of work in Hindu law in ancient times. In Hindu religion there are plenty of books on hindu law but manusmriti has its own importance. 

Manusmriti pdf details

  • Title –manusmriti in hindi pdf
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 05
  • Subject- manusmriti
  • Language– English and Hindi

Manusmriti pdf in english Content

Chapter 1: Creation of nature, the 4 Ages (Yuga), the 4 Castes, their professions, superiority of the Brahmins
Chapter 2: Brahmacharya and Service of one’s master
Chapter 3: Marriage Rituals, Memorials for the ancestors, Shraadh, etc.
Chapter 4: Homely values, Eating laws, 21 stages of Hell
Chapter 5: Women’s duties, their purity and impurity
Chapter 6: Duties of a Saint
Chapter 7: Duties of the King
Chapter 8: Crime, Justice, Political and Social structures
Chapter 9: Parental Inheritance
Chapter 10: Castes
Chapter 11: Sins
Chapter 12: Praise for the Vedas

manusmriti in hindi pdf
manusmriti pdf in english

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