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Mahabharat pdf in hindi and english download: Mahabharat is one of the largest epics in hindu religion that was written in the ancient times by Vyasa. It narrates the story of war between pandavas and kauravas and various other aspects that can tell about the mahabharata times. Basically these religious or holy books give us the exposure of ancient times that we can’t even imagine in today’s world and it also provides the solution of various problems faced by the people nowadays. 

As it is the longest epic it is not easy to read. It requires time and patience to understand the terms that’s why many people avoid reading these books. It contain 

Mahabharat pdf in hindi

100000 sloka or over 200,000 individual verse lines and each sloka also contain passages to understand their meaning, so it is not as easy as it seems to read. Various revised editions are released that give the essence of mahabharat and there are also picture based books available for children to learn. 

There are also shows telecast on television on mahabharata that actually was seen by many of us in their childhood but not remember clearly, so to make it easy video form also released that impact largely and became very popular among the audience.

For those who had not watched the mahabharat episode in their childhood, they can easily search on youtube to see all these videos or films on mahabharata that give you an overview. The people who want a deep knowledge and desire to deeply study and understand the book can go with the hard books that are available in various languages hindi, english, gujarati, sanskriti etc. 

Mahabharat pdf details

  • Title –mahabharat book in hindi pdf
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 144
  • Subject- mahabharat
  • Language– English and Hindi

Content of Mahabharat hindi pdf

  1. Ganapati, the Scribe
  2. Devavrata
  3. Bhishma’s Vow
  4. Amba And Bhishma
  5. Devayani And Kacha
  6. The Marriage Of Devayani
  7. Yayati
  8. Vidura
  9. Kunti Devi
  10. Death Of Pandu
  11. Bhima
  12. Karna
  13. Drona
  14. The Wax Palace
  15. The Escape Of The Pandavas
  16. The Slaying Of Bakasura
  17. Draupadi’s Swayamvaram
  18. Indraprastha
  19. The Saranga Birds
  20. Jarasandha
  21. The Slaying Of Jarasandha
  22. The First Honor
  23. Sakuni Comes In
  24. The Invitation
  25. The Wager
  26. Draupadi’s Grief
  27. Dhritarashtra’s Anxiety
  28. Krishna’s Vow
  29. Pasupata
  30. Affliction Is Nothing New
  31. Agastya
  32. Rishyasringa
  33. Fruitless Penance
  34. Yavakrida’s End
  35. Mere Learning Is Not Enough
  36. Ashtavakra
  37. Bhima And Hanuman
  38. I am No Crane
  39. The Wicked Are Never Satisfied
  40. Duryodhana Disgraced
  41. Sri Krishna’s Hunger
  42. The Enchanted Pool
  43. Domestic Service
  44. Virtue Vindicated
  45. Matsya Defended
  46. Prince Uttara
  47. Promise Fulfilled
  48. Virata’s Delusion
  49. Taking Counsel
  50. Arjuna’s Charioteer
  51. Salya Against His Nephews
  52. Vritra
  53. Nahusha
  54. Sanjaya’s Mission
  55. Not a Needle-Point Of Territory
  56. Krishna’s Mission
  57. Attachment and Duty
  58. The Pandava Generalissimo
  59. Balarama
  60. Rukmini
  61. Non-Cooperation
  62. Krishna Teaches
  63. Yudhishthira Seeks Benediction
  64. The First Day’s Battle
  65. The Second Day
  66. The Third Day’s Battle
  67. The Fourth Day
  68. The Fifth Day
  69. The Sixth Day
  70. The Seventh Day
  71. The Eighth Day
  72. The Ninth Day
  73. The Passing Of Bhishma
  74. Karna and the Grandsire
  75. Drona in Command
  76. To Seize Yudhishthira Alive
  77. The Twelfth Day
  78. Brave Bhagadatta
  79. Abhimanyu
  80. The Death Of Abhimanyu
  81. A Father’s Grief
  82. The Sindhu King
  83. Borrowed Armor
  84. Yudhishthira’s Misgivings
  85. Yudhishthira’s Fond Hope
  86. Karna And Bhima
  87. Pledge Respected
  88. Somadatta’s End
  89. Jayadratha Slain
  90. Drona Passes Away
  91. The Death Of Karna
  92. Duryodhana
  93. The Pandavas Reproached
  94. Ashwathama
  95. Avenged
  96. Who Can Give Solace?
  97. Yudhishthira’s Anguish
  98. Yudhishthira Comforted
  99.  Envy
  100. Utanga
  101. A Pound Of Flour
  102. Yudhishthira Rules
  103. Dhritarashtra
  104. The Passing Away Of The Three
  105. Krishna Passes Away
  106. Yudhishthira’s Final Trial

mahabharat hindi pdf

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