List of rivers in India

list of rivers in india pdf: Rivers are the foundation of human developments which give freshwater that is the essential need for human existence. We can’t live without water and waterways are the biggest water bodies for freshwater. Truth be told, all human advancements at various times were brought into the world close to stream banks. As such, they are veins of the earth that make life conceivable. Through an exposition on streams, we will investigate their significance and how to save them.

A river is a characteristic streaming conduit, generally freshwater, streaming towards a sea, ocean, lake or another waterway. At times, a stream streams into the ground and becomes dry toward the finish of its course without arriving at one more waterway.

List of rivers in india pdf in english

Little waterways can be alluded to utilizing names like stream, spring, creek, creek, and brook. There are no authority definitions for the nonexclusive term waterway as applied to geographic elements, albeit in certain nations or networks a stream is characterized by its size.

Waterways and streams are regularly viewed as significant highlights inside a scene; notwithstanding, they really just cover around 0.1% of the land on Earth. They are made more self-evident and important to people since numerous human urban areas and civic establishments are worked around the freshwater provided by waterways and streams.

The greater part of the significant urban areas of the world are arranged on the banks of streams, as they are, or alternately were, utilized as a wellspring of water, for acquiring food, for transport, as boundaries, as a safeguarding effort, as a wellspring of hydropower to drive apparatus, for washing, and for of discarding waste.

Study of rivers is known as Potamology while inland water related study is known as Limnology. 

Sources of Rivers

A river starts at a source which is generally a watershed, depletes every one of the streams in its seepage bowl, follows a way called a river course and finishes at either at a mouth or mouths which could be a conversion, stream delta, and so forth The water in a waterway is normally bound to a channel, comprised of a stream bed between banks.

In bigger streams there is regularly likewise a more extensive floodplain formed by rising waters over-garnish the channel. Floodplains might be exceptionally wide according to the size of the waterway channel. This qualification between stream channel and floodplain can be obscured, particularly in metropolitan regions where the floodplain of a waterway channel can turn out to be incredibly evolved by lodging and industry. 

Uses of Rivers

There are numerous uses and importance of rivers in India, which are mentioned below. 

  • For drinking purposes
  • For bathing purposes
  • For irrigation 
  • For industrial uses
  • For electricity production 
  • Essential for flora and fauna
  • For fishing purposes
  • As a transportation medium is also important 
  • For tourism (as alluring place) 
  • For maintaining water cycle and ecosystem 

Some Important Rivers in India

Here are some important rivers in India which are predominantly known in India, mentioned below

  1. The Ganga River
  2. The Brahmaputra River
  3. The Indus River
  4. The Kaveri River
  5. The Beas 
  6. The Jhelum
  7. The Yamuna
  8. The Saraswati 
  9. The Chenab
  10. The Ravi
  11. The Sutlej
  12. The Narmada
  13. The Tapi 
  14. The Godawari
  15. The Krishna
  16. The Mahanadi 

list of rivers in india pdf in english

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