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krishna the 7th sense pdf: Debashis chatterjee came up with a new book Krishna. it’s Krishna the seventh sense it’s actually an interviewing of three stories one is life of Krishna as you know he’s an Iconic Indian god but more importantly he is an emblem of all that is creative beautiful glorious in our universe and then there’s a story of a maverick teacher his name is Keshav and his student’s swami Eva. These are characters that flank the teacher whose teaching is essentially based on his understanding of love and we are talking about seven shades of love like the colors and the feathers of a peacock and those shades unveil themselves as the narrative progresses. 

on the teacher’s students meet him 20 years after they took his classes in a business school campus in Lucknow India and they come back and they reflect on their lives and they reflect on what is missing there and as the novel progresses as the narrative progresses, they find solutions to their most persistent problems in life and this is essentially a ringside view of what actually happened in the context of business school in the context of an ashram. 

krishna the 7th sense pdf

and that’s what one has put to put together so the magic is essentially in the unpredictability of it all, the magic is in the twists and turns in the plot, the magic is in knowing that real life is more magical than a piece of fiction right and so that’s how the book is written. 

so, if you ask did Krishna actually live as a person of course he lived as a person where is the proof, he has no proof except for some historical evidences but you know the real Krishna lives in our hearts and minds, billions of people live by Krishna every morning and so if he has heart share and mindshare, he must be alive even today. 

as long as our heart is going to beat as long as our mind is going to be eliminated Krishna will live in us. As long as love lives so this essentially you know looking at love and its many nuances not from the perspective of one protagonist but you know it’s a perspective which is timeless.  

So he has used the word seventh sense when Krishna is long gone, he says if you look for me don’t look for me in the five elements or three or five senses because I’m not going to be there, don’t even look for me through your sixth sense which is your mind because by mentally juggling things you’ll not find me. 

but if you look for me inside your heart there i decide as your seventh sense now what is the seventh sense that’s the mystery that the novel unveils you have to read the book, you need to figure out what that seven sense is all about. 

why Krishna was he like an inspiration while you were growing up i used to see an apparel for a fabric that says the complete man right and i said who is a complete man and you look at Krishna. 

krishna the 7th sense book by debashis chatterjee pdf 

this is the complete man purna purus right means somebody who has completely lived his entirety of life in the fullness of whatever he did, whatever he touched right and so you can see him in many incarnations you see him as a playful village kid, you see him as a killer of demons, you see him as a king you see him as a lover but most importantly you also see him as a teacher in the in the battlefield of Kurukshetra.  

So here is a Krishna who has infused the mind of a teacher and says look you have to see the world from a perspective that is ancient and contemporary at the same time because love is not something that you can invent right it has been around as long as human beings have been around love has been around but look at this to the eyes of the ancients. 

through the eyes of today’s campus romance so you often ask this question why does love fade away you know romance blooms and campuses and fade away what went wrong. You know if you really want to you got to figure out what went wrong you really want to know what actually love it really is. 

krishna the 7th sense book pdf

then you’ll have to go and figure and see that phenomena from the eyes of people who have lived there timelessly right and so the whole broad spectrum of love like the seven shades of light is unfurled and so you see love not just a romantic passion not as just as an obsession not just as cardinal at carnality or physicality but as a entirety of an experience where you recognize that I was born of it because my parents gave birth to me out of that phenomena and the thing I do tomorrow the best that i strive for tomorrow is because i love doing it what is that love right when i am about to finish my life. 

The only thing that that remains in my heart is that you know something i really love doing but could not do it so we are all sensing that our lives are incomplete all of us strive to do something because, we find that we are incomplete as people the urge to complete ourselves is what love is about and so i want to fulfill myself. ancient Indian. 

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