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kautilya arthashastra pdf download: Hey readers, in this article we are going to share with you the one of the well known books on arthashastra that is kautilya arthashastra. This book on arthashastra is one of the oldest books full of effective ways and techniques useful to run an economy. The methods used and mentioned in the book are also applicable in today’s world and most of them are in force. 

Here we will share with you some important points from the book of kautilya arthashastra. Kautilkya also known as Chankya/ Vishnugupta who designed and wrote the book kautilya arthashastra. Originally it was written in the Sanskrit language and further it was translated in many languages to reach a larger audience.   

kautilya arthashastra pdf download

Basically we aim for four human endeavours that are Dharma (moral behaviour), Artha (wealth), Kama (worldly pleasure) and Moksha (salvations). All four things are interconnected and to fulfill each one it is important to accomplish each one.  

Chankya had emphasis on wealth or kama and said it is the most important or prime motive that not only money it also consists of assets/property or anything that is required for living in an economy. 

And in today’s world we can easily recognize that wealth is the prime motive of every economy. 

For people’s prosperity, economic prosperity it is important to have wealth. 

In ancient times state prosperity depended upon king wealth and to run a state king used to manage their wealth and use different ways and techniques to increase their wealth by ethical and unethical activity.  

Kautilya used wealth in a broader sense that covered money, property, coins, precious metals, transferable property etc. 

For economic development chanakya emphasises on primary activity, it plays a vital role in the development of the state whether it is sufficient or not to create good wealth. Primary activities are farming or agriculture, animal husbandry and commerce.  

In a survival of any economy, king treasury or public finance play a very important role, until there is sufficient wealth in the treasury of government/king/stat it will run smoothly.  

In today’s time our government imposes various taxes and duties for the economic survival of the country and this income or money is used to perform various functions in a country and this way the economy grows. 

In ancient times, a tax system also existed and it levied on domestic and foreign goods. 

Social security and welfare of the society will depend upon the government or king of the state and they have to ensure their security and development of the people. 

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  • Title –kautilya arthashastra original book pdf
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 614
  • Subject- arthashastra
  • Language– English and Hindi

Kautilya arthashastra original book pdf Content

  • Concerning Discipline
  • The Duties of Government Superintendents
  • Concerning Law
  • The Removal of Thorns
  • The Conduct of Courtiers
  • The Source of Sovereign States
  • The End of the Six-Fold Policy
  • Concerning Vices and Calamities
  • The Work of an Invader
  • Relating to War
  • The Conduct of Corporations
  • Concerning a Powerful Enemy
  • Strategic Means to Capture a Fortress
  • Secret Means
  • The Plan of a Treatise

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