Information Technology Code 402 Class 9 Book

Information technology code 402 class 9 book pdf 2020-21: Information technology (IT) book for class 9 is specially designed for the students studying with CBSE curriculum. It is based on the revised curriculum of the board that is designed for the students.

It covers each and every concept in a much simplified manner, so that students can easily grab the things. It is a great book to gather basic knowledge about information technology. As we all know we all are very much dependent on technology, so there is a huge demand and career opportunities to shape their future.

information technology code 402 class 9 book pdf

There are many people who have made their career in the digital world and are doing very well. So by seeing the upcoming opportunities and demand, the board has decided to include information technology subjects in the curriculum to enable the students with the latest technology and advancement.

This book will surely help the student to know the basics to advance level information that help students to become familiar with information technology. 

CBSE Class 9 information technology book pdf Content

Chapter 1: Basics of Internet 

  • Introduction 
  • World Wide Web 
  • Web Servers 
  • Web Site 
  • Webpage 
  • 1 Toolbar 
  • Blogs 
  • URL 

Chapter 2: Web Services 

  • Introduction 
  • Electronic mail or EMail 
  • Chat 
  • Video Conferencing 
  • E-Learning 
  • E-Reservation 
  • E-Shopping 
  • Social Networking 
  • E groups 

Chapter 3: Introduction to GIMP 

  • Image Editing Tools-Introduction 
  • List of commonly used Image Editing Tools 
  • GIMP 
  • Starting GIMP
  • Understanding GIMP window 
  • Menus of Gimp window 
  • Editing the Images 
  • 1 Layers 

Chapter 4: Introduction to HTML 

  • Introduction 
  • Overview of HTML 
  • Structure of HTML document 
  • Saving the HTML document 
  • Container and Empty Tags 

Chapter 5: HTML II 

  • Introduction 
  • Image 

Chapter 6: Security Threats and Safety Measures 

  • Introduction 
  • Viruses 
  • Worms 
  • Trojan horses
  • Spyware 
  • Malware 
  • Spams 
  • Hackers and crackers 
  • Anti Virus Tools
  • Data Backup and security 

Chapter 7: Project 

Sample Case Studies

NCERT information technology book for class 9 pdf

Unit 1st: Introduction to IT–ITeS Industry
Unit 2nd: Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills
Unit 3rd: Digital Documentation
Unit 4th: Electronic Spreadsheet
Unit 5th: Digital Presentation

Answer Key Solutions


class 9 it 402 book pdf
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