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India bharat and pakistan j sai deepak pdf download: we’re going to look at the book India that is Bharath coloniality civilization and constitution written by author J Sai Deepak. The author says that the first this is the first book in Bharat trilogy and the second book is out whose title is India, Bharat and Pakistan: The Constitutional Journey of a Sandwiched Civilization.

So, it is the right time for reading or reminding the first book before the second one. The book provides a very you know very compelling arguments and there are certain arguments which you can directly agree, and you can see that this is something which is not properly discussed and discussed in the mainstream at the same time with certain arguments.

India bharat and pakistan j sai deepak pdf download

the first part of the book talks about an issue called as coloniality now coloniality the author writes is different from colonization in that the Indian mind is still colonized with the predominance of western thoughts western ideals and the philosophies including western institutions.

So hence what the author says is if we want to combat coloniality we should not be using post post-colonial techniques what the author calls us colonial techniques are something which is followed by most academics and historians’ post-independence.

So he talks about the colonial methods and the decolonization where decolonial approach where he talks about you know freeing the Indian mind away from the you know freeing the Indian mind from the perception that the western institutions and western thought processes superior to the Indig methods.

There is an interesting point which is given by him when he looks when you look at decolonized, decolonizing school or decolonial thought process across the globe.

India bharat and pakistan book pdf

We find that it is predominantly in the American continents you know mostly given by native Americans which is kind of a paradox because if you look at post-colonization across the globe, post-1960s when the process of in you know when most countries in Africa and Asia gain their independence.

We come to an understanding that you know if you take Asia. Asia is one continent in which the NATO and indigenous methods of worship or the civilizational culture is still preserved but if you take the Americas both north and south America is due to Christianity.

The native American methods of worship and their culture was wiped out so what the author points it should be the Asian continent which would be the epicenter and the leader of proceeding with this approach of decolonizing the idea or decolonizing the mind.

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One of the important styles which the author uses is extended coding, there are degrees there are documents there are speeches which is simply quoted simply quoted lengthwise you know which runs across pages whenever he wants to present these arguments and one thing which cannot be denied because he quotes proper sources is that during the process of colonization not just the British the French that’s Portuguese and the Spanish of course.

There was a hidden Christian missionary purpose that the spirit of Christianity was something which was embedded in the approach of colonization which can never be denied, he quotes at the same time he presents examples from the American continents on how the native civilizations of the Americas was slowly destroyed and then Christianity takes root.

Now at the same time he talks about the process which happens in the modern world that apart from Christianity the process of modernization itself has led to a type of homogenization to talk about homogenization the different systems which are introduced from the west.

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