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Hanuman chalisa book pdf in hindi download: श्री हनुमान चालीसा Hanuman chalisa is one of the most popular chalisa among the people and many people recite it daily and on tuesday that help in reducing sorrow, give mental peace. It was authored by tulsidas in awadhi language and further it was translated into many languages to benefit maximum people.

The word chalisa denotes forty or 40 which means it consists of forty chaupai and three doha that complete the hanuman chalisa. It includes a total 43 verses that are categorised as 40 chaupai and two doha in beginning and one at the end.  

Hanuman chalisa book pdf download

There are tremendous benefits of reciting hanuman chalisa daily or on tuesday a special day devoted to hanuman. It helps in multiple ways such as reducing negative energy, helps in overcoming bad experiences, it helps in solving problems and hurdles in career/job/business etc. 

In hindu religion there are various granth, books and ancient veda and much more to read that will surely help the candidate to transform their life and provide a right path and strategy to people.

We all are usually busy in their day to day routine and don’t have time to think about their life, purpose and meaning of their life and we are also afraid to question ourselves and skip this part. Reading or reciting hanuman chalisa help in clarifying all these doubts and give a new ray to their existing life. 

If you are looking for the hanuman chalisa book pdf then you are on the right path, here are going to provide you free hanuman chalisa books pdf in hindi and english. 

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  • Title –hanuman chalisa book pdf in hindi download
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  • Language– English and Hindi

Hanuman chalisa full book pdf Content

Doha 1: Establishing the Mind-Temple
Doha 2: Statement of Desire
Chaupai 1: Why Monkey as God
Chaupai 2: Son of Wind
Chaupai 3: Thunder Body, Lightning Mind
Chaupai 4: Darshan
Chaupai 5: Warrior, Servant, and Sage
Chaupai 6: Rudra’s Eleventh Form
Chaupai 7: Clever and concerned
Chaupai 8: Other People’s Stories
Chaupai 9: Adapting to Context
Chaupai 10: Demon-killer
Chaupai 11: Saving Lakshman
Chaupai 12: A Brother Like Bharat
Chaupai 13: Vishnu’s Avatar
Chaupai 14: Brahma and his Mind-born Sons
Chaupai 15: Admirers in Every Direction
Chaupai 16: Enabling Sugriv
Chaupai 17: Empowering Vibhishan
Chaupai 18: Sun as Fruit
Chaupai 19: Monkeyness
Chaupai 20: In Southeast Asia
Chaupai 21: Doorkeeper
Chaupai 22: Guardian of Fortune
Chaupai 23: Three Worlds
Chaupai 24: Frightens Away Ghosts
Chaupai 25: Takes Away Ailments
Chaupai 26: Aligning with the Divine
Chaupai 27: Serving the Hermit-King
Chaupai 28: Chariot of Desire
Chaupai 29: Four Eras
Chaupai 30: In China
Chaupai 31: Goddess and Tantra
Chaupai 32: Serving God
Chaupai 33: Karma and Rebirth
Chaupai 34: Heavens
Chaupai 35: One is Many
Chaupai 36: Problem-solver
Chaupai 37: Guru and Gosain
Chaupai 38: Liberation
Chaupai 39: Title of the poem
Chaupai 40: About the poet
Doha 3: Becoming hanuman 

hanuman chalisa hindi book pdf

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