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Get epic shit done by ankur warikoo pdf: Ankur Warikoo is a very popular personality over the internet and social media platform and one who uses these platforms somehow knows him. In this article we are going to introduce to you the second book of Ankur Warikoo that is Get Epic Shit Done by Ankur Warikoo is going to published on 17 December 2022 by Juggernaut.  

Before knowing about his book let’s first know about Ankur Warikoo. He is born on 25 August 1980 in Kashmir, India. His primary education was done in Don Bosco School, New Delhi. In his video he shares he never topped in his class; he was an average student lye between 5-10 position.  

Get epic shit done by ankur warikoo pdf 

After that he used to give coaching to students. He loves science so he decides to shape their Carrer in this field and then he goes to US to complete his PhD in physics.  

He decides some steps to follow that was doing PHD in physics- Join NASA- and a first person to go on mars. 

He was very excited to accomplish his goal and he began to work on this from his intermediate. He applies for IIT entrance examinations, but he fails to get admission then he takes admission in BSc Physics from Hindu college. And at this phase he is also doing market research for O and M advertising Agency. In 1999 he met his life partner Ruchi Budhiraja.  

After completing his master’s in physics, he applied for the US top university Princeton universities, but he was not selected but fortunately he got admission in Michigan state universities with full scholarship. Then his father took some loan to arrange one way flight to us for Ankur and then he began his further studies.  

Ankur warikoo book pdf

In this university Ankur was the favorite of their teacher and for pocket money he used to sell domain name, used to sell books and much more. When he was doing his PHD then he realized something is missing, although he was working on their goals, but she finds some differences.

Then he makes a big decision and left their PHD and come back to India. Now he further plans to do MBA from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Now he works as a consultant, and he has immense knowledge. Then he continued to work on various startups and made them successful and one of them is  

So, these were some glimpses of Ankur Warikoo life that will definitely motivate you that you are not the only one that facing struggle. Everyone has to face difficulty in their life span for some it can be in early phase. Each of us life is like roller coaster because straight line is for dead one. 

Apart from this let’s have a look on Ankur upcoming book Get Epic Shit Done. This book will help you to find the answer to the most faced question and prepare you to handle it.  

Content of get epic shit done book pdf

Part 1: Managing your life
Part 2: Managing your career
Part 3: Managing people
Part 4: Managing yourself 

About get epic shit done by ankur warikoo pdf

Book Name get epic shit done
Author Name Ankur Warikoo
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 376
Language English 
Publication Juggernaut Publishing

Synopsis of the book: 

GET EPIC SHIT DONE will make you act!  

When he was a college student, Ankur bought a book containing answers to the last 10 years’ question papers. That book helped him prepare for the forthcoming exams.  

In his second book, he attempts to create the same book for life.  

Written as a conversation between a student and a teacher, GET EPIC SHIT DONE answers 36 life questions that you face almost every day, questions that you need answers to.  

GET EPIC SHIT DONE isn’t just a book that will inspire you – it will visibly improve the way you live. 

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