Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Arihant fast track objective arithmetic pdf in hindi: Hey everybody in this article we are going to share with you the one of the best selling and highly recommended book on mathematics for competitive exams i.e arihant fast track objective arithmetic pdf

The book is designed for all those candidates preparing for the various competition examinations such as RBI, SBI, IBPS PO, SSC, LIC, CDS, UPSC, Management and all other Entrance Recruitment and Aptitude Test etc. While designing it ensure that the student gets the best updated and revised content and is compatible with the latest exam syllabus.

fast track objective arithmetic pdf

To succeed in the examination it is crucial to clear concepts and build a strong foundation, so that you can face and solve different types of problems. It covers each and every concept essential to cover arithmetic. Exercises given in the book are arranged according to the level of questions Base Level & Higher Skill Level.

To solve the different types of problems in limited time it gives you the exposure of short tricks and methods that speed up your problem solving and accuracy. The latest edition of the book will give you the exposure of new questions types asked in the previous exams. It is a great book to master the aptitude skills.

This book has changed the lives of lakhs of students and assisted the candidate to achieve their dream job. It contains latest exam questions, tricks, short tricks, formulae that will make your overall journey smooth.   

This book will help you to complete command over the subject and help you succeed in the examinations.

Arihant fast track objective arithmetic pdf Inside

  1. Number system
  2. Number Series
  3. HCF and LCM
  4. Simple and decimal fractions
  5. Square and cube root
  6. Indices and surds
  7. Simplification
  8. Approximation
  9. Word problems based on numbers
  10. Average
  11. Percentage
  12. Profit and loss
  13. Discount
  14. Simple interest
  15. Compound interest
  16. True discount and banker’s discount
  17. Ratio and Proportion
  18. Mixture or allegation
  19. Partnership
  20. Unitary method
  21. Problem based on ages
  22. Work and Time
  23. Work and Wages
  24. Pipes and Cisterns
  25. Speed, Time and Distance
  26. Problems Based on Trains
  27. Boats and Streams
  28. Races and Games of skill
  29. Clock and Calendar
  30. linear equations
  31. Quadratic equations
  32. Permutations and Combinations
  33. Probability
  34. Area and Perimeter
  35. Volume and surface area
  36. Geometry
  37. Coordinate geometry
  38. Trigonometry
  39. Height and distance
  40. Set theory
  41. Statistics
  42. Data table
  43. Pie chart
  44. Bar chart
  45. Line graph
  46. Mixed graph
  47. Data sufficiency

fast track objective arithmetic book pdf

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