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English typing book pdf free download: Computer jobs are one of the most demanding jobs in today’s time. Most of the aspirants want to do this type of job but to perform various operations on the computer it is important to be equipped with necessary skill and knowledge essential to operate it. Typing is one of the most important skills that is required to type efficiently. Typing is a very important and demanding skill in today’s era, in most of the government and private sector it is required to have a typist to type any notice. 

Both Hindi and English typing can be learned with consistency and hard work. General English typing is easy as compared to Hindi, people who are familiar with computers can type in English but to type in Hindi it is required to have some knowledge of word formations. 

English typing book pdf

To be a typist it is not enough to just type, typing with speed and accuracy matters a lot. In different competitive examinations, where typing is mandatory there are some predefined set of instructions like 40 words per minute etc. To achieve the required result and qualify the exams candidates have to practice with some guidance and with the help of tools.

There are plenty of books and online courses available to learn typing within a few months. Here, in this article we are going to give you the free English typing book pdf that will surely help you to have some basic knowledge about typing and a set of rules and instructions to achieve speed and accuracy.

Before beginning typing it is essential to have some basic knowledge about the keyboard. To achieve seed and accuracy it is crucial to palace your finger correctly on the keyboard, so that you can get the desired result.  

There are various shortcut keys that are used while typing to form symbols, so it is equally important to learn the shortcut keys to maximise speed. Typing is basically performed without looking at the keyboard and it gives you an amazing result. Normally we see the keyboard while typing, it significantly reduces our speed and accuracy to type efficiently. Touch typing is one of the optimal ways of typing. 

Along with the book it is important to practice with the help of any software available over the internet. One of the popular typing software is Typing Master, which is used by most beginners to learn typing, it gives you 7 days free access. 

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