English is Easy Book PDF By by Chetananand Singh

English is easy book pdf: Grammar is all about rules and to learn these rules and apply in English correclty is very important and to learn the whole process is important to refer the book that will help you to learn Grammar rules. In this article we came here with one of the best-known books on English Grammar English is Easy by Chetananand Singh. 

This book is basically designed to help the student to learn the Grammar in easy and simplified manner. As we all know it is not easy to learn all grammar rules by heart and the author has recognized this problem and came with this book to help students to overcome the problem.

English is easy book pdf  

In this book he has explained the rules and tried to make the whole grammar comfortable for students.  

When you read this book, the rules will seem very easy and easy to use and you will easily remember it and not forget it. Generally, students forget rules in exam hall or during exam paper but after reading it you are not going to forget.  

Vocabulary is a very important part and in today’s exam it plays a vital role. This book is also going to cover this section, as we know vocabulary is backbone of English and without vocabulary it is impossible to command over English language.  

It is ensured in the book that the reader will familiarize himself with as many words as possible, so that they can build a strong vocabulary base. There are special chapters dedicated to idioms & phrases, phrasal verbs and foreign words, so that there is no Hussle while reading. 

It is not easy to learn every word, but we could remember it easily if it framed with sentence and it ensure in this book to serve the words in best possible manner. This process also makes the reading interesting for students and they don’t get bored soon.   

So, it is the one stop solution to solve your English problem after reading this book most of your English Grammar will improve and you will see a drastic change in your grammar.  

Refer the link below to grab your copy and begin your preparations. 

Magical book series english is easy pdf Contents 

Section A: Grammar 

  • Noun 
  • Pronoun 
  • Verb 
  • Adjectives 
  • Adverb 
  • Preposition 
  • Conjunction 
  • Interjection 
  • Direct and indirect speech 
  • Sentence construction 
  • Transformation of sentences exercise 
  • Miscellaneous exercises 1 
  • Miscellaneous exercises 2 

Section B: Vocabulary 

  • Word of words(ww) 
  • World of idioms and phrases 
  • Words of phrasal verbs 
  • Word of origin words 
  • Fill in the blank’s answers and explanations 
  • Synonyms 
  • Antonyms exercise 
  • Rapid fillers 
  • Words denoting sound 
  • One word for many 

Section C: Comprehension 

  • An introduction 
  • Long sentence: No problem! K splitters some illustrations do it yourself 
  • Practice exercises answers and explanations 
  • Sentence arrangement 


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