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Core python programming nageswara rao pdf: In today’s digital world the importance of Java can’t be defined as it has already captured the entire software industry. After many skilled people still there is hug demand and scope in this field. One can make their career as Java programmer and there are many more opportunities.  

So, today we are going to introduce to you one of the popular books on Core Python Programming by R. Nageswara Rao designed specifically for Java language. While designing the book it is kept in mind that the learner without having any background in programming language can easily learn this and understand it. In this book you will get the concept very simple and straightforward in a clear and crisp manner.

Core python programming nageswara rao pdf 

After understanding this book students can easily write simple programs on their own and it will be the first step to your journey to learn Java programming language. Here you will get plenty of solved programs that can not only be used in the examinations but also use to get rid of programming fear.  

After completing this book, one should be able to apply to a software company as a Java programmer. There are sample interview questions given in the book to help the aspirants to prepare for the interview. This is a complete book to prepare students to shape their career as Java programmers. 

The entire book is split into 32 chapters, and it is arranged in increasing order of complexity. So, it is recommended to read the book in a sequence specially for novice, the first ten chapter of the book will help you to command over the fundamental of Programming. The latest edition of the book is revised with the latest information and content useful for the candidate to be updated with the new changes.  

So, if you are also looking for such a great book that helps you to command over the Java programming language then this book is for you. This book will help you to learn Java from scratch to an advanced level.  

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Contents of r nageswara rao core python programming pdf

Chapter 1: Introduction to Python
Chapter 2: Writing Our First Python Program
Chapter 3: Data Types in Python
Chapter 4: Operators in Python
Chapter 5: Input and Output
Chapter 6: Control Statements
Chapter 7: Arrays in Python
Chapter 8: Strings and Characters
Chapter 9: Functions
Chapter 10: Lists and Tuples
Chapter 11: Dictionaries
Chapter 12: Introduction to OOPS
Chapter 13: Classes and Objects
Chapter 14: Inheritance and Polymorphism
Chapter 15: Abstract Classes and Interfaces
Chapter 16: Exceptions
Chapter 17: Files in Python
Chapter 18: Regular Expressions in Python
Chapter 19: Data Structures in Python
Chapter 20: Date and Time
Chapter 21: Threads
Chapter 22: Graphical User Interface
Chapter 23: Networking in Python
Chapter 24: Python’s Database Connectivity
Chapter 25: Data Science Using Python

About core python programming nageswara rao book pdf

Book Name core python programming nageswara rao pdf third edition
Author Name R. Nageswara Rao
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 792
Language English 

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