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computer awareness pdf free download: In today’s digital world computers are very much familiar among the people and most of the aspirants have secured a bright career in that field. After spreading uses and awareness about computer among the people rise in demand of computer operator and experts in various operations of computer and that’s lead to rise in employment opportunities for the new talent.

But as there are pros and cons of every change and it also has, when computers come into use it tremendously reduces the workforce or we can say that many people lose their job because 10 people work can be managed with the help of a computer and an operator.

computer awareness pdf

Let’s try to understand this with the help of an example- when a computer was not in use two to three people to manage accounts of a firm depends upon size of company but after computer use it requires only one person to manage all tasks with accuracy, efficiency and speed. 

Definition of Computer

A Computer is a machine that can be programmed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically.

In simple words we can say it is a machine that stores, processes and retrieves data based on the user inputs.

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Computer awareness

Computer awareness means knowledge about various parts and aspects of computers. Computer awareness is a broad term that covers each and every term related to computers, so to study in detail it is best to pick a book to read.

To operate any machine and equipment it is needed to grab some basic theoretical knowledge about the system. There are plenty of books available that serve the content on computer awareness that are also relevant from various exam points of view like SSC, Railway, Bank, State and Central level examinations.
Computer generations

Uses of Computer

There are plenty of uses of computers that are not possible to discuss in a post, so here we are going to cover some common and most important uses of computers.

Business- Nowadays businesses are usually moving towards adapting the latest technology and computers are also one of them. For a firm or company using computers to manage their records and to perform various other tasks of the company with the help of computers can significantly boost speed, accuracy and efficiency of the company and it also helps in the growth. 

Education- After the pandemic the use of computers and technology in the field of education rose rapidly. Students attend their classes and lecture on computer or mobile and it also helps the education system to continue in those situations too. 

Home- Computers are also very popular to use at home, people generally like to watch movies, perform their various works like payment, finding any relevant information, learning new skills etc. 

Computers have created tremendous job opportunities and self employment opportunities for those also who want to work remotely. We know most of the people in their circle are earning good amounts by sitting at their home and working through computers. Most of the aspirants are working as freelancer, blogger, graphic designer, logo designer, app development, website development etc. there are countless opportunities available, only things needed is a hunger to learn and be consistent and keep patience.  

computer awareness pdf

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