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Chanakya niti pdf download: Hey readers, in this article we are going to discuss one of the most popular books on politics that is chanakya neeti. This book consists of various policies that were framed by chanakya to become a successful ruler and it also works in today’s modern world. It covers various quotes, policy, strategies and chapters to present the chanakya niti to the common people. 

Acharya chanakya aur chanakya also called Vishnugupt and Kautilya. He was one of the greatest leaders, strategists, economists, philosophers and a teacher.

chanakya niti pdf download

He served as a prime minister at the time of Maurya empire where Chandragupt Maurya was the ruler. He helped Chandragupt Maurya to expand his empire and with the use of Chankya diplomatic skill, wisdom and policy, he became successful to rule over the nation. 

It is very useful for the people to understand what one should do and don’t in day to day life. By following the rules of chankya niti one can be successful in their personal and professional life.   

Originally it was written in the Sanskrit language by Chankya and further it was translated in many languages to serve the people all over the world. 

Some of the lesson from chanakya niti are as follows:

Education/knowledge/wisdom is the greatest thing that cannot be separated and snatched by anyone. There is nothing more beautiful than knowledge or wisdom whether it is beauty, strength or anything. An educated person will be treated as a wise person and people respect him. 

As we all have limited time, it is important to learn from other mistakes rather than do it yourself and learn. The best way to learn is to learn by observing their surroundings, people and environment.

Never disclose their secret in front of others because it is not possible to know the intention of other people, nor to show off their strength and weakness. 

Before starting any new work ask some question from yourself such as why i am doing this, what will be the result, it will work or not Try to find the answer of these questions. 

A person should feel good for others irrespective of their nature, behaviour, race etc. A person can die but his goodness will never die. 

We have seen many successful people and most of the people think they are born lucky etc but it never matters. A person became great by his deeds not by birth.

Humbleness is one of the key factors to attain self control, to become a successful person and achieve happiness in their life it is important to be a humble person. 

Believe in yourself, to find god, look inside because god is everywhere.

Usually people used to take out loans to fulfill their needs and wishes but after taking debt it ruins our sleep. According to chankya niti, debt is the enemy of people try to avoid it if not necessary. 

Learning is one of the crucial aspects of life to grow in their life. With time many things will change but learning remains with you and also helps you to face challenges and problems. 

Over-attachment is one of the main causes of fear and afraids, it is not easy but people have to discard attachment. 

True learning and experience are not meant for books, it is used to tackle real life problems and challenges. 

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chanakya neeti pdf download

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