Physical Education Class 11 Book PDF

physical education class 11 book pdf

Physical education class 11 book pdf: Physical education is a very important subject to build their health along with the study. Now it has become an integral part of our education system and physical education as a subject added in the class 11th and 12th curriculum. In today’s era physical health is very important, most … Read more

English Typing Book PDF

english typing book pdf

English typing book pdf free download: Computer jobs are one of the most demanding jobs in today’s time. Most of the aspirants want to do this type of job but to perform various operations on the computer it is important to be equipped with necessary skill and knowledge essential to operate it. Typing is one … Read more

SP Bakshi English Book PDF

sp bakshi english book pdf

sp bakshi english book pdf: Hey everyone, today we came with one of the most renowned books of English i.e Objective general english by Sp Bakshi english book pdf. This book is designed to keep in mind the different competitive examinations such as Bank (PO/Clerk), NDA, CDS, SSC (CGL, MTS, LDC), MBA, Hotel Management, MCA, … Read more

Atharva Veda PDF in Hindi

atharva veda pdf

Atharva veda pdf in hindi: Atharvaveda is among four vedas of the Hindu mythology, it is also known as Brahmaveda. Atharva Veda is the last veda according to the order of formation while Rigveda is the oldest veda. Atharvaveda is the sacred veda in which there are hymns and spells of philosophy, treatment, science and worship … Read more

The Complete Yoga Book PDF

yoga book pdf

The complete yoga book pdf: The word ‘Yoga’ is taken from Sanskrit root yuj which means ‘Join’ or ‘Unite’. Yoga is a healthy way of living a fruitful life. As Yoga originated from India and most of India know basic pranayam and yoga and our grandfather and ancestors usually perform some yoga in the early … Read more

Word Power Made Easy PDF

word power made easy pdf

word power made easy pdf free download: Here we are going to talk about the highly recommended book on english vocabulary i.e word power made easy by Norman Lewis. This book is the first choice to learn your English language. Vocabulary is considered the backbone of English or we can say it is impossible to … Read more

Snakes in the Ganga Breaking India

snakes in the ganga breaking india 2.0 pdf

Snakes in the Ganga Breaking India 2.0 pdf: The snakes of the ganga are you able to allow us to recognize who you`re referring to with these snakes. We anticipate that ganga is a secure location if i am bathing withinside the ganga it is a completely sacred location and the humans round me are … Read more

Sundar kand PDF in Hindi

sundar kand pdf

Sundar kand pdf in hindi free download: Sundar kand is a very important section/part/kand of ramcharitmanas that was originally composed by Valmiki in the Sanskrit language.  In this article we will discuss the sundar kand, its benefits, the right way to read sunderkand paath and much more facts and information about sunder kand.  Sundar kand … Read more

Black Book of English Vocabulary

black book of english vocabulary pdf

Black book of english vocabulary pdf: Black book of english vocabulary is written by Nikhil K Gupta and published by Gupta EduTech. Aspirants preparing for SSC examinations, then it is the must have book to cover the English section. The latest edition of the book covers the SSC vocabulary updated till January 2022. This book … Read more

Computer generations PDF

computer generations pdf

Computer generations pdf: We all know that Computers have secured a very vital place in our lives. Everything in the Universe has gone through development phases similarly Computers which we are using today have also gone through various changes and upgrades over the time.  There are “Generations” which give us a better idea of developments … Read more