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Bhagavad gita pdf in hindi: Bhagavad gita also known as a gita or gitopanishad is the religious book whose author is Vyasa who had also written Mahabharat, one of the largest epics of the world. Bhagwat geeta is the part of the mahabharata that covers the dialogue between pandavas and arjun and much more. 

Any religious book is the supreme book in itself that will teach you the essence of human life that can help the people to come out from the dreamy world and understand the meaning of their life. Majority of people usually follow the same routine daily like walking up ready to go to work and return back to home, take some meal and rest, this is the lifestyle of the majority of people but in the end we all have to leave everything here. 

Bhagavad gita pdf in hindi

We afraid to ask question from self what i am doing, what is the purpose of my life, why i am here, who am i, where i’m going etc if we will get the answer of all these question from self then we have a different point of view to seeing the world and things.   

The kalyuga or modern era is all about wealth and fame and everyone is running for this because it is necessary to survive and follow any path to get it whether it is right or wrong, ever we have asked the question from ourself how much wealth is required to survive, is there any limit or it is limitless, if it is limitless then there is no end and all the dreamy world is limitless. 

We harm nature to fulfill their dream and at the end we have to pay for this. For rapid urbanisation and growth nature is harmed very badly by creating pollution, cutting plants, harming animals and other. 

Bhagvad gita will help you to know the real meaning of their life and how to attain it. It is assumed that we take birth as humans after 84 lakh yoni to attain moksha but it is not easy as it seems most of them are not aware about it. 

We all are running behind materialistic things such as land, money or building assets but never think about it. All these are temporary and one day everything will be destroyed and we can’t own anything except our soul. Now most of the people will think they should stop earning or working, how will we survive and interpret the wrong meaning. Everything should be in a balanced manner but not in excess because there is no end to materialistic things and it will only give temporary pleasure. So, the lecture is enough now. The main point is how to attain mental peace and happiness and know the ultimate aim of their life. Then bhagavad gita pdf will assist to get the answer to all your questions and help in following the correct way of living. Here, we provide you the bhagavad gita pdf in hindi and english, so that you can choose according to your comfort and go ahead.

Bhagavad gita pdf details

  • Title –bhagwat geeta in hindi pdf
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 144
  • Subject- bhagavad gita
  • Language– English and Hindi

Content of bhagavad gita in english pdf

  1. Observing the armies on the battlefield of Kurukshetra
  2. Contents of the Gita Summarized
  3. Karma-Yoga
  4. Transcendental knowledge
  5. Karma-yoga- Action in Krsna consciousness
  6. Dhyana yoga
  7. Knowledge of the Absolute
  8. Attaining the supreme
  9. The most confidential knowledge
  10. The opulence of the Absolute
  11. The universal form
  12. Devotional service
  13. Nature, the enjoyer and consciousness
  14. The three modes of material nature
  15. The yoga of the supreme person
  16. The divine and the demoniac natures
  17. The divisions of faith
  18. Conclusions- The perfection of renunciation
  19. Appendixes

bhagwat geeta in hindi pdf
bhagavad gita in english pdf

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