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Atharva veda pdf in hindi: Atharvaveda is among four vedas of the Hindu mythology, it is also known as Brahmaveda. Atharva Veda is the last veda according to the order of formation while Rigveda is the oldest veda. Atharvaveda is the sacred veda in which there are hymns and spells of philosophy, treatment, science and worship of gods. 

It is believed that knowledge of Atharvaveda was first given to “Maharishi Angira” by the God, later Maharishi Angira narrated the knowledge to Lord Brahma who is the creator of the entire Universe. 

Atharva veda pdf

Atharvaveda is believed to be introduced before 1000 BC, which gives the conclusion that Atharvaveda is last in the sequence of the vedas according to their birth. It Has Been Composed By The Sages ‘Athavarna’ And ‘Angiras’. That Is Why Atharvaveda Is Also Called ‘Atharvangiras Veda’. Apart From This, Atharvaveda Is Also Known By Other

Names- 1- In Gopatha Brahmana It has been called ‘Atharvangiras’ Veda.
2- Due to being the subject of Brahma, It is also called ‘Brahmaveda’.
3- Due to the description of Ayurveda, Medicines Etc, It is also called ‘Bhaishajya Veda’.
4- ‘Prithvi Sukta’ is a very important hymn of this Veda. For this reason it is also called ‘Mahiveda. 

Before Vedic Period, Atharvaveda didn’t receive any importance even though it was not included in Vedas, at that time there were only three vedas RigVeda, SamaVeda and YajurVeda. But during Vedic Period, it was included in Vedas. 

Atharvaveda gave a boost to Ayurveda also because it has many remedies and treatments that can be used to cure the problems. 

Also there is a fact that language and style used in Atharvaveda gives the idea that Atharvaveda was composed later than the other three vedas. 

Inside Atharvaveda 

Atharvaveda is the compilation of 730 hymns and with 6000 spells in which there is explanation of Geography, Astronomy, Ayurveda, importance of herbs and naturally occurring materials, treatment of all kinds of diseases including lethal diseases, fundamentals of life, fundamentals of economics, fundamentals of politics, glory of the nation, surgeries, remedies to discard the death, magic, diablerie, salvation, reproductive science etc is given in Atharvaveda. 

Along with these there are hymns which are devoted to the worship of God in an effective manner. Also the significance of spells is explained. All these mentioned terms are divided into 20 books. Atharvaveda contains a good fraction of details and information provided in RigVeda, YajurVeda and SamaVeda. 

Atharvaveda has three primary Upanishads embedded in it which are Mundkopanishad (also called Mundak Upanishad) , Mandukya Upanishad and Prashna Upanishad. 

Upanishads are described as the knowledge gained by sitting near the saint or teacher not by self study.

In Atharvaveda there is a large portion in which the methods and ways to worship Lord Brahma are given. 

Atharvaveda is divided into nine branches which are:

  • Papal
  • Dant
  • Pratta
  • Snat
  • Saul
  • Brahmadabal
  • Saunaka
  • Devdarshat
  • Charanvidya

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