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Ardas sahib pdf: Ardas is a prayer practiced or sung by Sikhs in Gurudwaras while opening and closing as a daily ritual with traditional customs. Ardas is also sung when there are any functions like wedding ceremony, naming of child, welcome of bride etc. 

Ardas is suffixed by the Word “Sahib”. It is because there is a large convention in Sikhism, if there is any very sacred, pure and godly related term then that word is followed by the word “Sahib”. 

Ardas sahib pdf download

Ardas is composed of three parts in which the first part is for ten Sikh Gurus from Guru Nanak Ji to Guru Govind Singh Ji, where virtues of these then Sikh Gurus are mentioned. 

The second part of “ARDAS” recites the trials and triumphs of Khalsa. The third part of Ardas is about giving tribute and saluting to the divine names. 

The first and third part of Ardas can’t be changed; it has to be sung as given in Sikhism Scripture but the third part can be shortened or customized in agreed and well defined manner as per needs, there additional prayers for welfare, success, etc can be included. 

When Ardas is sung in Gurudwaras, many devotees come and involve in this prayer with folded hands, bowed heads and recite “Waheguru” at appropriate intervals (as per rituals and tradition). 

Ardas is mainly attributed to the 10th Sikh Guru named Guru Govind Singh Ji who is also the founder of Khalsa. 


The Word “Ardas” is taken from the Persian Word “Arazdashat” which means prayer, request, petition to superior Authority which is referred to ten Sikh Gurus here. 

ARDAS is not found in the scriptures of Guru or Guru Granths because there have been various amendments or changes in this prayer by the time that is why it is not found in early scriptures. 

The root purpose of this prayer is to “Waheguru” for requests, welfare, thanks, prosperity of all mankind etc.

Sections In ARDAS 

Ardas is divided into three sections in which the first section is to remember all the ten Sikh Gurus about their legacy, their devotion and their contributions. 

The second section discusses the sacrifices done by the brave hearted and spiritual leaders of the past and conspires the reader to become brave and spiritual like them. 

The third section is to appeal for welfare, specific will, for forgiveness and further guidance in the future. 

The Ardas ends with the ultimate appeal for the “GOD OF ALL” which means equality. 

When “ARDAS” is used

Ardas is read both before opening and after closing of Guru Granth Sahib. When Guru Granth Sahib is read continuously then Ardas is chanted or read in Gurudwaras mostly. 

In memorable and grand occasions like Wedding ceremony, child naming ceremony, etc Ardas is read. Also in funerals Ardas is read. 

There is one more occasion in which Sikhs take Amrit and become Amritdhari Sikh thus they become Khalsa Panth. In this “Five Beloved ones” or called “Panj Pyaare” chant or read Ardas after Sikhs take Amrit. 


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