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Aditya Hridaya Stotra pdf (आदित्य हृदय स्तोत्र) is a religious and devotional text derived from Yuddh Kand of Shri Valmiki Ramayana. Aditya Hridaya Stotra has six parts in which there are a total of 60 verses (श्लोक) which are devoted for the worship of Lord Surya. In Hinduism Lord Surya is portrayed as the god whose blessing on anyone can make invincible and indefatigable. 

Story Behind 

It was the time when Ravan had Kidnapped Sita Mata consequently Shri Ram Ji who was husband of Sita Mata went to Lanka Nagri where Sita Mata was forcefully held in Lanka. 

Aditya hridaya stotra pdf

To get Sita Mata back from Ravana, Shri Ram had a war with Ravana where Shri Ram got defeated. Then Saint Agastya (अगस्त) suggested Shri Ram to recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra which is ultimately the devotion of Lord Surya. 

Shri Ram walked the talk of Saint Agastya consequently Shri Ram defeated Ravana bravely in the battlefield. 

This is the story behind the benefits and powers of reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra (आदित्य हृदय स्तोत्र). 

Benefits of Reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotram

There are several benefits of reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotram आदित्य हृदय स्तोत्र  some of the most important benefits are given below

  • Recitation of Aditya Hridaya Stotram is efficacious to those who are suffering from problems associated with planets or they are imbalanced in the view of astrology. 
  • It also helps in making the person ready and fills one with will and wisdom to fight and lead the life with fluidity 
  • People who feel that they are parochial and pensive regarding their forth life should recite this prayer to get relief from such problems. 
  • It is seen that many peoples do not have a nice relationship with their family members, in this case one should recite this prayer to counter such ominous problems
  • Aditya Hridaya Stotram is related to the worship of Sun and father is also considered to be equivalent to Sun in this case recitation helps in maintaining nice bonds with their father. 
  • Recitation of Aditya Hridaya Stotram also abandons the fear of foes, evils and bad luck. 
  • Some common benefits like business related, issues related to dignity and respect, money etc also vanishes if this prayer is recited regularly with rules and customs

How to recite Aditya Hridaya Stotram

There are some rules and regulations for reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotram which are given below

  • Aditya Hridaya Stotram should be recited on Sunday in the early morning say at the time of Sunrise to receive great benefits
  • One should dedicate pure and fresh water to Lord Surya at the time of Sunrise facing towards the sun. This should be done after taking a proper bath. 
  • One should become teetotaler and should not eat flesh otherwise He/She won’t be getting efficacious results 
  • In summers it is not possible to recite Aditya Hridaya Stotram in front of Sun but in relaxed days say in winter one should recite this prayer in front of Sun in the early morning if possible
  • But in summers one can recite this prayer in the temple of home also.



According to Hinduism there are numerous ways and methods to tackle the problems of the life in which Aditya Hridaya Stotram also falls. This prayer is very beneficial as you realize after reading this article in which all the important details including basic knowledge, benefits, and methods of recitation have been produced in the limited words. 


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