Acing the Art of Answer Writing by Manuj Jindal PDF

Acing the art of answer writing by manuj jindal pdf: The art of answer writing refers to the skill of effectively communicating your knowledge and understanding of a topic in written form. It involves understanding the question, researching and gathering relevant information, organizing your thoughts and expressing them in a clear, concise and logical manner.  

It also involves using appropriate examples, adhering to the word limit, and presenting your answer in a well-structured and easy-to-read format. In the context of the UPSC exam, it also includes understanding the marking scheme and the expectations of the examiner. 

Acing the art of answer writing by manuj jindal pdf  

It takes practice and feedback to master the art of answer writing. It’s not just about knowing the information, but also about being able to present it in a way that is well-organized, coherent and easy for the reader to understand.  

It’s an essential skill for success in the UPSC exam, as well as in other academic and professional contexts. 

This book provides guidance on how to write effective answers for UPSC. It covers topics such as understanding the question, planning your answer, structuring your answer and using examples to support your points. 

Answer writing for UPSC is an art that requires a combination of knowledge, skills and practice.

Here are some tips for acing your answer writing:

  • Read the question carefully and understand what it is asking. Break down the question into its key components and identify the main idea. 
  • Use your knowledge and research skills to gather relevant information on the topic. Make sure to use credible sources. 
  • Organize your thoughts and plan your answer before you start writing. This will help you stay focused and ensure that your answer is logical and coherent.   
  • Use simple and direct language. Avoid using jargon or complex words that may confuse the reader.   
  • Use specific examples to support your points and to illustrate your ideas. 
  • It is important to stick to the word limit to ensure that you do not run out of time.  
  • Practice is key to acing your answer writing. Practice writing answers to different types of questions and get feedback from experts. 
  • Once you have finished writing, revise and edit your answer. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and make sure that your answer is well-structured and easy to understand. 

Acing the art of answer writing manuj jindal pdf Contents

Ch01: Things to do before starting with answer writing
Ch02: How, when and where to start answer Writing
Ch03: What makes for a good answer
Ch04: Understanding the Questions and answering difficult questions
Ch05: Type of Questions asked by UPSC
Ch06: Indicative words like explain, discuss, etc.
Ch07: Time & Speed Management
Ch08: Presentation of an answer
Ch09: How to write introduction
Ch10: How to write the body of an answer
Ch11: How to write conclusion
Ch12: Should you answer all questions
Ch13: UPSC Mains Booklist 

Acing the art of answer writing manuj jindal pdf details

Book Name Acing the art of answer writing manuj jindal
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 256
Subject answer writing book
Language English 


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