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151 essays by sc gupta pdf: In this article we are going to discuss the essay and give you one of the best books to prepare the essay part. Essay writing is a skill that can be achieved by more of more reading, it means if you have enough knowledge related to the particular topic then you can also deliver that knowledge but to frame or deliver this content in a well arranged manner is an art that can be learned with the help of some useful books and guide.  

Basically, the presentation plays a very important role and if you learn this art then it will be easy for you to write a good essay. Essay is basically known as the short piece of writing on particular subject that presented in a lucid and readable manner. We are very much familiar with essay writing from our school days but that time we generally used to learn it and write it down in exam and we also get full marks of doing it but now when you are preparing for competitive exams such as IAS, PCS and other state and central level examination where writing section are asked then it became important for us to learn the art of essay writing so that we can deliver a good essay in examination.

151 essays by sc gupta pdf  

If we are preparing for these types of examination, then we can’t specifically learn essay as we do in school time because there is probability of topic being asked in the exams are not limited it can be on any topic, so to prepare for examination we have to be updated with our national and international news and event so that we can write well in the exam.  

If we have plenty of knowledge related to the topic, then the only thing required is the way to deliver it so that we can secure good marks. Here we are going to talk about one of the most useful books to cover the essay part that is Arihant 151 essay book pdf. There are 162+ essay topics covered in this book and the revised edition of the book is republished with updated content.   

The primary purpose of this book is to develop the art of essay writing and equip students with this art. It is divided into two parts- art first basically focus on developing a writing skill and techniques and second part cover various essay on updated topics. The language used to frame the content is very simple, crisp and clear so that you will not puzzle with language.  

So, if you are also looking for such a book then this book is for you, you can download this book clicking on the link given below.  

Arihant 151 essay book pdf details

Book Title essay book pdf free download
Author SC Gupta
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 470
Language English

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